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Updated: Feb 17

Photographer Ty Chee Discusses Equipment, Post-Processing, AI, and Creativity  

The intriguingly named Ty Chee is the owner and creative force behind Ty Chee Media, located in the vibrant landscapes of New York City and northern New Jersey, 

“I have made it my mission to capture moments that transcend the ordinary. As a photographer, I specialize in creative studio and environmental portraits, product photography, and social media content. I bring a unique blend of artistry and precision to every project. Since I have a passion for storytelling and  blending creativity with professionalism, I work closely with my clients to bring their visions to life,” Ty says. “I can also bring my clients’ projects to new heights – literally. As a certified drone pilot, I offer a bird's-eye perspective, providing stunning aerial photography and video to elevate their visual narratives.”

Photo: Courtesy Ty Chee

Beyond the hustle of commercial work, Ty’s heart lies in personal projects, particularly capturing the breathtaking skyline of New York City and exploring the world through travel photography. Ty’s unique photo art is available through an online store, Ty Chee Photo Art.

How did you become interested in photography, and what inspired you to pursue it as a career?

My Interest in photography started at a young age when I received a set of encyclopedias as a birthday gift. The photos contained in the pages of those books really inspired me. They gave me the passion to travel and the desire to create images that had the same impact I felt when I was going through those pages. I always made photography a part of my life. It ran parallel to my career in IT, until one day I decided to transition to this full time.

Photo: Courtesy Ty Chee

Can you describe your photography style and the types of subjects or themes you enjoy capturing the most?

I would describe my photography style as bold and dramatic, and would even say it leans toward cinematic. My main photographic passions are environmental portraits, fantasy, and dramatic cityscapes. My best clients are people who are looking for something creative and different. It’s a bonus if they enjoy the creative process.

What equipment and camera gear do you prefer to use for your photography, and why?

My camera brand of choice right now is Sony. I currently shoot with the a7IV and the a7rV. There are really no bad cameras these days, but what connects me with Sony is that I really like all the hard edges of their camera bodies. The non-organic feeling of the design really appeals to me. The camera is a tool for capturing images. I like that Sony cameras feel like a machine in my hands. They feel like they have a purpose. 

Photo: Courtesy Ty Chee

Could you share a memorable photography project or image you've created and explain what makes it special to you?

I really love the New York City skyline and I often do photo walks in the city. One of my favorite views was the Empire State Building from the pedestrian walkway on the Brooklyn Bridge. From one certain point you could observe the Empire State Building framed perfectly in the arch of the Manhattan Bridge’s east tower. That photo is special to me because that view no longer exists. A new glass skyscraper came up a few years ago, completely blocking the view of the Empire State Building from that vantage point. Most people will probably never notice that it's gone, but the classic Manhattan skyline will always be close to my heart.

What is your approach to post-processing and editing your photos, including the software and techniques you utilize?

I would say that the constant for me is Lightroom. I use Photoshop mainly when I need to heavily modify something. For portraits, I use PortraitPro Studio to clean up skin or to add digital makeup. I also use Luminar Neo to enhance my cityscapes. The tools available to photographers today are simply amazing and are constantly getting better.

Lastly, is there a message or piece of advice about photography or life that you would like to share?

For anyone interested in photography, or any other thing they find to be their passion, my advice is to spend as much time as you can perfecting your craft. Never stop learning and embrace change. Don’t fear the future. Technologies like AI are putting fear in a lot of photographers and artists. Find a way to include those things in your workflow. Remember, they are just tools. Use them to enhance your own work and expand your creativity.


PH: 973-207-1670


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