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Are New Year’s Resolutions Still a Thing?


By Sandy Rodriguez

Some people feel New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time, since hardly anyone actually keeps them. Yet resolutions can be kept. Focus on the process that leads to a desired end, because a process is something within you control. For example, a resolution could be searching for auditions for a certain amount of time a day, attending a certain number of networking events a month, or adding a certain number of sets or reps to your fitness routine.

If you’re able to act according to your resolutions for just three days in a row, a pattern will be established and you’ll find it easier to keep going until your goal is reached. Share your resolutions with supportive friends, mentors, or relatives, but don’t discuss them with individuals who might try to discourage you, such as a frenemy or professional rival.

Perhaps your objectives for 2022 involve overcoming something difficult. For added motivation, watch Choose to Prevail: The Show, a 6-episode interview series featuring guests from different walks of life, from an iconic former wrestler to a stellar salesperson. They explain how they dealt with all kinds of challenges— such as health issues, career concerns, abuse, and heartbreak— and went on to become successful on their own terms.

To watch the show on demand on the new Heart Of Hollywood Cinema streaming platform, purchase a ticket at .

The series is inspired by my book, Choose to Prevail, the Gold Medal winner in the Best Health & Wellness Book category of the International Latino Book Awards, and the Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Winner in the Non-Fiction - Grief/Hardship genre.

Oh, and no matter what other resolutions you might make for yourself, let’s all resolve to be more self-accepting. This issue’s interview with resilient and insightful cover model Loren Michaels Harris shows us how it’s done. Embrace your uniqueness— it gets you noticed, makes you memorable, and attracts those who value what you bring to your industry and to the world.

May all your wishes come true in 2022!

  • Sandy Rodriguez, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Editor


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