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All Hail The New "King" In Town

Entrepreneur Kristi Eide uses the name "King Kristi" on her instagram account and after reading how a sheltered young girl from the midwest becomes a powerful woman that gives advice on her international podcast show dealing with topics like... (deep breath)... relationship advice, how to become "unfuckwithable", how to stop sleeping with your toxic ex (but maybe just one more time), how to navigate co-parenting with your baby daddy, multitask sexting while also building a diorama for your fourth grader, single parenting, dating in your 30's, setting boundaries, owning your power and dealing with death threats because of a personal choice to date African American men...(exhale) ... you'll see just how much "King Kristi" is deserving of that crown!

Originally from small town South Dakota, Kristi attended a school that had only 55 students in its graduating class. Once that milestone in her young life was achieved she applied to and was accepted at the University of Nebraska. It was there she received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology with a minor in Business Administration.

"Growing up I always wanted to be a doctor, from the time I was little little. That's why the Biology/Pre-Med undergraduate degree. After college things shifted a bit when I landed a really great internship at the University Patent Office doing market research and that's when I decided I wanted to go into Marketing".

As with most career trajectories when Kristi's exuberance for medicine began to decline her love of business began to blossom.

"After grad school, I landed another great job at a Bioscience company and they handed me this new marketing platform and asked me to run it. Little did we know that would become the biggest enterprise level marketing platform. I was literally in the right place at the right time. I still use and admin that platform in my current role as a Marketing Operations Tech lead. I've been working on the platform for 12+ years and know all the ins and outs.

Working as a bartender for several years helping pay her way through school brought out a side of Kristi the once introverted young lady was unfamiliar with... confidence. A new found ease with being surrounded by crowds became Kristi's new comfort zone and solidified her decision to make the move to Arizona. It was there a new facet of her life began...the world of personal training, fitness competitions and professional modeling!

"Once I moved to Arizona in 2014 a few photographers reached out and we did some pictures as I was getting started on my fitness journey. I was NASM certified for a while because I dabbled in the world of fitness training before deciding to become a fitness competitor myself and needed content to grow my social media. I discovered I really liked doing photoshoots and light modeling work and the fitness world was much more open to my type of build/frame so it just kind of steamrolled from there".

Not one to rest on laurels Kristi's next endeavor, podcasting, has been another high water mark in her amazing to this point life journey. The "Nacho Baby Mama" podcast can be heard on numerous outlets including podcast industry giant Spotify. Every episode of her show is listened to by larger and larger market share crowds. The podcast combined with her other social media presence has grown Kristi's audience worldwide. While the majority of her followers are enraptured by the voice and commentary Kristi offers up some let their bigotry surface in the disturbing form of hate mail and death threats. Hate mail and death threats generated because of her personal choice of who to love.

"People have sent me DMs ranging from telling me I'd be prettier if I dated white guys, to calling my and my kids disgusting, to telling me I'm "muddying up the white race" and even telling me they wanted to shoot my kids and their father in the face while calling them all the "N" word.

I asked Kristi how all of that made her feel. The answer was nothing less than I would expect from such a strong, self-made woman.

"How do I feel? ENRAGED is an understatement. I report these people and nothing ever happens. I block them to keep them away from me but it still feels like it's not enough. It doesn't make sense to me. It makes my heart feel so heavy to know that so many people like that still exist, that the racial hatred is still very alive and well and that anyone would ever threaten my family based purely on skin color. I grew up in South Dakota, went to an all white school, lived in an all white town, I never really thought much about white privilege growing up because it didn't even occur to me that it existed (from my very white privileged bubble I lived in). I knew about discrimination of course, and just shrugged it off because I knew I wasn't racist myself. I didn't realize the full extent of what it means to be discriminated against until I had my boys... who are my entire world".

Her two sons, Keylen (12) and Kohen (6) are indeed Kristi's world. she is a doting mother who attends her sons football games, school events etc. They are always on the go as a family traveling new places, seeing new sites and having fun just being together. With the luxury of working from home now it gives Kristi even more appreciated Mother/Son quality time. "They are EVERYTHING to me. They drive me crazy daily and make me laugh and make me exhausted... they fill me with so much love and purpose".

The latest endeavor for Kristi is her foray into the very lucrative world of OnlyFans! Modeling for this platform has literally turned women into millionaires overnight and provided very comfortable lives for some of those who decided to buck against tradition.

"OnlyFans... sigh... how did this start? Well, it's still VERY new and it's been a rollercoaster. I've been very open about it since the day I started because I think so many people are so curious but no one talks about it. It's all so hush hush like a dirty little secret but I kind of wanted to normalize it a bit. I even did a podcast on "Nacho Baby Mama" (OnlyFans Enters the Chat) in which I talk about why I started, my concerns, etc. It was just always something I was curious about myself and finally decided to take the plunge to see what it was all about".

Join Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Club:

Asked what she thinks about the people that have a problem with the fact that so many women are now joining and doing very well for themselves on the platform...

"For SO LONG women have been objectified but never allowed to really own their sexuality. Hugh Hefner had his bunnies and totally exploited women but no one batted an eye. Now women enter the game and want to own their content, their platform, their sexuality, their experience and suddenly everyone has major issues with it? In the game, most management companies trying to oversee models are still male dominated. I wanted to jump in the game and own everything myself from beginning to end. I say who, what, where, when... I wanted to see if I could be successful at it and so far so good stay tuned"!

Although Kristi doesn't have a current desire to jump into film and television full time she recently signed a letter of intent to be featured in the docuseries "Love in Black and White" written and created by Los Angeles writer Dempsey Gibson as one of her upcoming projects.

With so much accomplished and with so much more on the horizon for Kristi Eide her story should serve as an example that having family, career, health and happiness is more than just a dream... in this life, you truly can have it all.

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