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Get to Know one of Entertainment’s Finest Contributors

By K. Busch

Liz Fletcher, is a nurse and film actress best known for her work on Fighting the Dark (2020), Guilt (2021) and Other Devastations (2021), She recently finished filming her first lead role in The Doorman. Aside from her busy schedule and contributions as an actress, she’s also been recognized by IMDb for her achievements in the Entertainment Industry as an Actress, Producer and for her support to the Camera and Electrical Department.

Image Credit: Elizabeth Fletcher

She was also just recently in a feature film down in Atlantacalled, The Devil Comes Dressed for Church Too that is supposed to be coming to theaters in September and filming another feature film this month in Kentucky called Root!

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine reached out to some of her fans and gathered some questions for Ms. Fletcher before this upcoming release hit theaters and here were their questions and her responses.

Joesph from Texas writes in, How have you kept yourself from getting overwhelmed by doing so many things?

I just try to take it day by day!

Rebecca from Wisconsin asks, are you excited about the new release coming out in September? Do you know the dates of the release?

The Devil Comes Dressed for Church Too will be premiering in Birmingham and Atlanta next month. I’m super excited for the release and hope that it gets distributed to many theaters!

Jackie from Washington asks, at what age did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in acting?

I fell in love with acting in high school! I did all the school plays and wanted to pursue a career in acting, but I knew it wouldn’t pay the bills right away, so I decided to pursue a career in nursing.

Do you have a favorite actor or actress?

I adore Audrey Hepburn!

Do you have a favorite movie?

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is my favorite!

Jerry from Michigan wants to know, out of all the roles you have played, which one was your favorite?

My favorite role so far has been the role of a demon in the film Root. It was a lot of fun playing such a dark character, which is the complete opposite of my personality.

Do you have a favorite hobby?

I enjoy hiking, horseback riding, and painting.

Kristen from Indiana asks, are you still a nurse? How long have you been a nurse?

Yes, I’m still a nurse! I’ve been a critical care nurse for 13 years.

Would you ever consider dating a fan?

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying living my best single life, but I would consider dating a fan if there was a spark;)

What are your current goals or ambitions?

My goal is to one day be in mainstream films! I’d love to one day be recognized on the street for my work in a movie!

Daniel from Kentucky writes in, What’s something that would be important for other aspiring actors to know?

You must have a lot of patience and drive! You also have to get used to rejection and be able to learn and grow from it!

What’s something that you have rarely told anyone about yourself?

I don’t like seafood!

Brook from Montana asks, What’s your greatest fear?

Something happening to my children.

What’s your biggest strength?

I have a huge heart, and I’m a very positive person!

What’s your biggest weakness?

I get a little bit of road rage sometimes.

Larry from Florida wants to know, what’s your greatest joy?

My children!

Do you have a favorite band or musician?

My favorite band is Switchfoot. I love all kinds of music, though!

Describe the perfect day, how would the weather be and what would you be doing?

The perfect day would be a sunny spring day about 70 degrees. I would be taking my kids to the zoo.

Do you have any travel destinations that you would like to visit?

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia.

Borel from Switzerland asks, have you traveled around the world? If so where to and why?

The only places I’ve visited outside the US are Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I’d love to travel Europe someday though!

What’s your favorite food or drink?

I could eat pizza every day! Coffee is my favorite drink.

Janice from California asks, Have you ever been horseback riding?

Yes, I love horseback riding!

Do you have a favorite flower?

Peonies and sunflowers are my favorite flowers.

Brent from Missouri asks, describe the perfect date.

My perfect date would involve getting dressed up, going out to eat at a nice restaurant, then going to see some live music somewhere.

Joanne from Mississippi writes in, what made you want to become an actress?

Growing up, we moved around a lot, and it was tough. Acting was kind of like my escape. I could become another person for a short period of time.

Autumn from Wyoming asks, what made you want to be a nurse?

I love people and helping people:)

What’s your favorite season? Why?

I love spring because it brings new life!

Have you ever binge-watched a series? Which one?

Stranger Things and Family Guy have been my favorite shows to binge.

Additional information: (How can people find you?)

IMDb: Liz Fletcher

Instagram: @mslizfletcher

Facebook: Liz Fletcher


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