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Actress Coaches On Finding Love

By Billy Montgomery

The tumultuous entertainment industry often tells a massive number of stories filled with dark, career-impacting experiences that have sent many performers spiraling out of control. However, when this West Hollywood actress hit rock bottom, she used her fall as a springboard to help others.

Mentored under the late famed filmmaker Gary Marshall, Natalie Stavola found her light in the entertainment industry. However, when Marshall died, the burgeoning actress said she lost that illumination, and her balance, resulting in a period of substance abuse and a series of self-sabotaging episodes.

“I hit my bottom after Gary died,” Stavola said. “I started drinking, doing drugs, and really making bad decisions.”

It took some time but Stavola’s self-revelation that she was better than her condition compelled her to “get her life together.”

“{Recovering from the abuse} I was scared but I realized that I can either diminish myself or believe in myself. Gary was someone who really taught me how to give myself permission to get up after falling, and that I’m allowed to take up space.”

After working several non-entertainment industry jobs to stay afloat and cope with her sobriety journey, Stavola combined her academic focus in psychology, as well as lessons from her personal experiences to develop a new career as a certified life and love coach.

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“Becoming a coach came from my relationships, my healing journey, and my pain along with my background in psychology,” Stavola said. “Everything came together and allowed me to help others overcome the pain, trauma, and the negative voices telling people that you can't have a successfully loving, beautiful, and wonderful life.”

Along with coaching, Stavola is back in entertainment. The actress is known for her roles in several classic films including: “Love and Hostages” and “Burn Notice.” She also has several new projects in the making.

Upon her coming back to entertainment, becoming a relationship coach would have been enough achievement for many but not for Stavola, who has recently started her hand in stand-up comedy.

“Stand-up comedy is so related to my acting, my life, and my coaching. I love humoring people,’ Stavola said. “There's something to it when we're in a lot of pain {and are able} to take it out of the darkness and look at it in a new light, laugh at it, and love it anyway. That's comedy.”

Stavola can be reached on Instagram @nataliestavola Photos by Billy Montgomery Photography

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