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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Barbarella Pardo, Producer and Casting Director, Receives a Latin Grammy

Producer and casting director Barbarella Pardo recently received a Latin Grammy for participating in the production of the Best Short Form Music Video of 2022,

This is not America, by Residente.

The Latin Recording Academy celebrated the Latin Grammy Premiere in Las Vegas, Nevada. In many fans’ opinion, it was clear that Residente’s video would be the winner in the aforementioned category.

Barbarella truly deserved the award she received for being a part of this outstanding clip. This honor caps off her work as a producer and a casting director, which she has done for over 25 years.

Barbarella has produced films both for theatrical exhibition and for digital platforms, and has been hugely successful when casting actors and extras in movies, TV series, music videos and documentaries. Her casting agency is among the most prominent ones in the country.

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She was recognized, along with director Greg Orhel and his fellow producers Jason Cole

of Doomsday Entertainment and Corinna Martínez of Mastodonte Films for the music video, which was filmed over the course of three days in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Actors and extras from the BarbarellaCasting Agency participated, and 98 percent of the staff hailed from Tijuana.

Clearly moved by her award, Barbarella thanked the people of Tijuana who helped complete the video, the Academy itself, Mastodonte, Doomsday, and Sony music.

There will surely be additional awards in the future for her many projects yet to come.


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