A Trailblazer in the Market, EyCrowd Creates Authentic Experiences to Connect People and Brands

By Jessica Ross

EyCrowd is a powerful new publicity channel that turns users called EyVocates, into paid brand ambassadors for their favorite brands through exclusive, joyful experiences. Brad Cowdrey, Co-Founder and CEO shares more about EyCrowd and how you can become an EyVocate!

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Word-of-mouth continues to be one of the most effective ways to build a loyal customer base. Now, a new platform enables brands to leverage that organic word-of-mouth effect whenever and wherever they desire.

EyCrowd’s powerful new marketing channel turns top fans into authentic brand advocates through exclusive, joyful experiences that reward loyalty, attract new customers, and deliver measurable results.

Photo credit: EyCrowd.com

Easy to use for in-house marketers or their agencies, the EyCrowd business dashboard enables companies to decide what, where and when they’d like their marketing campaign to take place.

Importantly, brands set the budget for each campaign. Once the desired number of customers, called “EyVocates,” have signed up to participate, the campaign option closes.

EyVocates participate by downloading the app and looking to see when opportunities to promote their favorite brands exist. From concerts to city streets to social media, campaigns take place when a target market is most receptive to learning about or buying from a brand. EyVocates receive payment for participation via the app.

Photo credit: EyCrowd.com

Businesses large and small can create campaigns of any size. One brand might ask EyVocates to post a photo of a restaurant on social media with a certain hashtag. Other brands might ask EyVocates to wear branded apparel at a concert. The creativity and options are endless.

EyCrowd is truly like nothing else out there. To be able to provide authentic promotion by real people results in high volumes of online and in-person/in-store engagement. Until now, that type of high-impact marketing only happened organically and infrequently. With EyCrowd, effective promotion like this can happen whenever you need it to.

Photo credit:EyCrowd.com

As a serial entrepreneur that has been the CEO of fourteen companies, what influenced you to take on the role as Co-Founder of EyCrowd?

"EyCrowd is a thrill! There is nothing like nothing else like it. To be able to provide authentic promotion by real, everyday people results of online and in-person/in-store engagement. Until now, that type of high-impact promotion only happened organically and infrequently. With EyCrowd, effective promotion like this can happen for any business, instantly.

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When my dear friend and co-founder, Ayman AlZamil, developed this idea with me, I could not imagine working on anything else".

The EyCrowd team

How does EyCrowd stand out from other apps that are popular right at this moment?

"Throughout my career I dreamed about finding a business that would allow anyone to find experiences that they love and earn money for their efforts. Until we developed the idea of EyCrowd, I just assumed this was a just a dream. Now everyone can. That’s the power of EyCrowd".

Why do you think Los Angeles is the ideal city to begin the nationwide launch of EyCrowd?

"Los Angeles is such a dynamic place with amazing people. The depth talent, energy, creativity, and industry here is almost beyond description. As the United States second largest city with international recognition, I’m not sure we could’ve found a better place to launch the platform".

One of the best features about the app, EyVocates can participate across either In-Person, Digital, or Hybrid campaigns. Can you explain the different types of experiences in further detail?

"In person campaigns allow anyone to go to local in-person campaign experiences and back the brands they love while earning a little extra money. Similarly, online campaign experiences allow anyone to join social media and online activities for brands they love anywhere on planet earth. Hybrid is a mix of both in-person and online campaign experiences. All using the EyCrowd app".

How can someone become an EyVocate?

"It’s easy. Download the EyCrowd app enjoy any campaign experience you want! Available for iPhone and Andriod. Check it out today. It’s a blast".

The holidays and 2023 are just around the corner. What does EyCrowd have planned for the rest of the year ?

"We are going to be anywhere and everywhere in Los Angeles! From celebrity and charity events to campaign events at the hottest restaurants and retail stores. You can see it all on the EyCrowd app and eycrowd.com".

What are some of the top brands that have used EyCrowd so far?