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American Consumers Can Discover Luxury Items from the Middle East and North Africa

Shop Fairuz is the purveyor of the finest Middle Eastern and North African goods, and it caters to American consumers.

Shop Fairuz, a platform, is inspired in part by the ancient bazaars and souks, which still remain a central feature of daily life in many Middle Eastern and North African cities and towns. The concept of the bazaar remains, it is the "beating heart" of most countries across the globe.

The site’s name invokes a global icon that few recognize as a cultural Muslim symbol. It is perhaps the most ancient stone known to human civilization— turquoise. A stone worn and used by Pharaohs and Sultans, with centuries of heritage to instill pride and reflect luxury. Simultaneously, it is known for bringing wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope.

Photography courtesy: Zainab Khan

As an e-commerce site sharing inspiring stories of creativity, artistry, and leadership, Shop Fairuz aims to channel that spirit in order to reshape public perceptions of Muslim Americans’ identity in positive and dynamic new ways, through magnificent luxury products sourced from ancient, almost inaccessible regions of the world.

What most people don't know. is that the many international luxury brands, such as YSL, Dennis Basso, Hugo Boss, and Giorgio Armani, just to name a few, source their products from Turkey and the surrounding regions. This includes the finest fabrics, oils, and furs, not to mention craftsmanship, which has become a somewhat lost art in the global market.

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