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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

By Sandy Rodriguez

For many people in entertainment, it’s not superficial or vain to want to look good—it’s a career requirement.

Whether that’s your case or not, keep in mind that the way you feel inside has a big impact on your physical appearance and the way you are perceived. These tips will help you look your best in 2023 and beyond!

TIP #1

Purge from your closet any garment that has negative associations in your mind, anything you wore on days that didn’t turn out the way you would have liked.

Donate them, along with anything that doesn’t fit, is uncomfortable, or makes you feel unattractive. Keep only the garments that you assume the person you would like to be—a competent, professional one; a joyful, carefree one; a hot, sexy one—would wear. You might find that you unconsciously end up acting in ways that are congruent with your chosen look. If you dress for a role, you will start to live it.

TIP #2

On that same note, when you need to project confidence or want to attract people, such as when you’re on the red carpet or at a party, ignore all competition. Behave, speak, and move in ways that would make sense if you knew you were very good-looking.

It has been said that Marilyn Monroe could turn her sex appeal on and off at will. Men can do it too—Leonardo DiCaprio, for instance, can choose to look fantastic or to blend in. Many actors can be perceived any way they want, without special makeup or clothing to achieve the effect, because if you behave a certain way, that’s how most people will view you. Give it a shot, even if you’re not an actor. See what unfolds.

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TIP #3

When planning your outfit, don’t neglect underwear, shoes, or even socks, regardless of whether they will be seen by another person or not. Get dressed while listening to music that makes you feel magnetic and powerful. Add a spritz of fragrance you link in your mind to a time you were truly happy or relaxed, maybe your childhood, a specific vacation, or the day you booked a role. All of this can bolster your confidence and your sense of well-being.

TIP #4

If your doctor or trainer allow it, get more exercise. No matter what body type you may have, working out regularly to the best of your ability often tones and tightens. Even if it doesn’t, it tends to make people walk a little bit taller, a little bit prouder. That helps everyone look as impressive as possible.

Are you feeling unmotivated? Schedule something that will require you to be at your physical peak, whatever that means for you. It could be anything from a 5K walk to an audition for an action movie. Circle the date on a calendar. Seeing how many days you have left may give you that push you need.

TIP #5

Embrace your quirks and individuality. Sometimes aspiring actors or models try to look exactly like existing, more established ones. This can open doors in the short term but can also make you forgettable. Your uniqueness makes you harder to replace, and even a potential trendsetter. Cindy Crawford’s mole or Cara Delevingne’s thick brows, for instance, did not hurt their modeling careers—in fact, they made these women iconic.



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It is a collection of nonfiction essays, written from the heart and with a sprinkling of humor. From dealing with problem people or making peace with your appearance to letting go of envy or getting comfortable with public speaking, this slim volume has you covered.

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