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3 non-Profit organizations that need your support right now

Without a doubt, the current pandemic has affected some people more than others. For this reason, we must start doing as much as we can to help organizations stay afloat so they can keep doing their jobs. In Heart of Hollywood Magazine, we care about different causes focused on serving their communities and in need of notoriety and donations. We invite you to check out the following non-profits and learn more about their fantastic work.

1. National Domestic Workers Alliance

Domestic workers do the work most precious to us: caring for our homes and loved ones.

But they don't have the fundamental rights and dignity they deserve. Since 2007 the NWDA has grown from 12 to 60 affiliates across the country and develops strategies, cultivating partnerships, and creating products for dignified jobs to shape the future of work. This organization is the nation’s leading voice for dignity and fairness for the millions of domestic workers in the United States.

Your donation today can help them lead the way towards dignity and protections for domestic workers in the United States and internationally. During COVID-19, the organization has provided domestic workers with much-needed emergency funds, making it more possible to protect themselves and practice social distancing. The work they are doing is crucial since domestic workers have been ignored for so long. A one-time gift of $15 supports a domestic worker to attend an organizing meeting, skills training, or leadership development workshop. Consider donating at the following link:


2. International Women’s Media Foundation

WMF is the only NGO that offers safety training, reporting trips, and byline opportunities, all tailored to female journalists — both established and up-and-coming. The IWMF believes that gender does not conform to one notion. We are inclusive of all journalists who identify as women, including trans women and non-binary people. They have various funds, but the woman we’re shedding light on today is the Fund for Women Journalists. The Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists is the first funding initiative of its kind. It enables the IWMF to dramatically expand its support of women journalists and supports projects including educational opportunities, investigative reporting, and media development initiatives.

With the current crisis, journalists are not considered essential, but still, many women depend on this. Journalists are vital in uncovering the truth and giving voice to so many issues; we need to keep helping them tell their stories. To donate to this, or any other fund such as the Emergency Fund, Underreported Stories Grant, or Women’s Health Reporting, check their official web page:!/donation/checkout


3. Partnership with Native Americans

PWNA has supported reservations through food deliveries, scholarships, seed funding for community-led initiatives, and more. About 90,000 American Indian families are homeless or under-housed. Only 13% of American Indians have a college degree. Every day, there is a shortage of healthy food, safe drinking water, healthcare, and stores in remote reservation communities — and now more than ever with COVID-19. Elders who need to shop are finding the shelves empty, and along with their families have “stay at home” orders.

PWNA responds daily to a high volume of requests from our reservation partners, who are requesting food, water, toilet paper, sanitizer, and other essentials. Still their warehouses are running low and they need donations to replenish and keep offering their services during this difficult time. PWNA cares about the quality of life of Native Americans. Your contributions will allow them to continue collaborating to provide vital support for thousands of Native American Elders, families, and children living in remote, isolated, and impoverished reservation communities. Enter the following link to know how to make a donation:


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