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23 Great Side Hustle Jobs For Actors/Models

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

By Aaron Marcus

It is very hard to make a living as an actor or model. This is especially true when you are first getting started. If you are wanting to make acting or modeling a full-time job, here are a few suggestions to help you pursue your dreams and still make a living. 1. Make sure you have enough money saved up so you can live without any income for at least 3-6 months. This will allow you to focus all of your attention on acting or modeling. 2. Make sure you find a great headshot and or commercial photographer. This will give you your best chance of finding an agent. And, you can begin marketing and submitting yourself for projects.

3. If you are an actor, make sure your resume is in the proper format.

4. Have the needed equipment and learn how to shoot home auditions.

5. It is best to have passive income (cash flow) that is generated without having to spend much time generating the money. Rental properties/Airbnb can be great sources of monthly income. Or, having strong financial investments that offer monthly income can be very helpful. However, most actors and models aren’t fortunate enough to be in those situations.

So, below are 23 side hustle jobs that allow actors and models to earn money and still have time to audition and work on sets.

None of these are the typical bartending or waiter type jobs. And, quite a few listed allow actors to use their skills while earning money to cover monthly expenses.

Audio Book Reader:

This is Amazon’s audio book program

Dancer at Parties:

Focus Groups:

Become a Headshot/Commercial Photographer:

House Sitting:

Mock Jury Trial:

Murder Mystery:

Personal Trainer:

Product Reviews:

Promotional Work:

Reader For Online Acting Auditions:

Role Playing:

Sell Your Services:

Standardized Patient Work:

Transcription Services: or remote-jobs/transcription


Get Paid For Writing Articles or Blogs:

Valet Parking Attendant:

Virtual Assistant:

Web Designer:


Get published!



Many of these jobs are ones you are familiar with. There are two listings that I will explain in more detail.

  1. Role Playing Jobs

Government agencies, such as TSA, Homeland Security, FBI, etc… hire actors to help train employees. You could be portraying someone trying to smuggle something illegal onto a plane. And, the TSA employee needs to practice how to deal with this type of situation. Some law schools hire “role playing actors” to allow their students to practice working in a courtroom in a mock trial.

The actor could be hired as a witness or a jury member. The actor will be given all of the background information of the case and answer appropriately. It is essentially, an improv session.

Some attorneys want to practice and get feedback about an opening argument or other aspects of their upcoming trial. A “role player” is hired to help test ideas and give the attorney a better perspective of his or her argument.

  1. Standardized Patient Work

Actors are hired by some teaching hospitals and medical schools. It gives the medical school students or residents the opportunity to have more experience with examining patients. The actor is told about their disease. Things like, how long they have been sick, side effects of their medication, the types of medication they are taking, how they are currently feeling, etc…

Although the backstory is not memorized, the actor needs to be very familiar with their disease. And, they must be able to answer all of the questions asked.

After the exam, the actor writes a report and grades the student/doctor on how well he/she did during the exam. This is also a great opportunity to practice improv.

I hope you find these side hustle jobs helpful.


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