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2022 Male R&B Artist of The Year Nominee at The Queen City Awards, Mr. Chenier

R&B music will last forever with the Ambassador of R&B best known as Mr. Chenier who is currently nominated for Male R&B Artist Of The Year at the Queen City Awards.

Mr. Chenier recently has been featured in Our Black Men Magazine, Hustle and Soul Magazine, and Vocal Media.

He is an all-around entertainer, From music to film, his goal is to represent the Grown and Sexy movement in R&B music to the fullest. In addition to being a multi-award-winning music artist and nominee, he’s also opened for Ginuwine, J. Holiday, Avant, Kelly Price, Dru Hill, and Tony Terry.

Congratulations on your Male R&B Artist of the Year nomination at the Queen City Awards! How does it feel?

It’s a beautiful feeling! Not because I’m nominated but because of the love of my fans taking the time to nominate me.

How would you describe your stage presence?

I’m not responsible for what I do on stage. I’m on some Grown Man Ish on stage!! You will get a show!!

If you were not a music artist, what do you think you would be doing right now?

My main focus would be acting. I just love the entertainment field.

What are some of your career goals and what are you doing to achieve that?

I want to get more deep into the entertainment field and expand the Mr. Chenier and Team Grown and Sexy brand. I’m constantly providing great music and doing my thing on stage. I’m looking into getting more acting roles too. I wanna do a dramatic role and win an Oscar. Lol!

What have you learned about yourself since you first started your career?

I was made for this business!!

Fill in the blank..

Music is..

Food to the soul

I’m at my best when..

I’m on stage giving you the best that I got

I will be sure to..

Give you a show

Stay tuned for..

The Ambassador of R&B Mr. Chenier #Solid

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