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$11 an hour and $500 in the pocket

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

By the end of this article, you are going to have many question marks, but sometimes unknown is better than knowing every detail, because it makes you think and be creative.

On 2/2/2020 two individuals Abraham Joseph Pal (founder of Pal Brothers Production) and Ravit Darougar (founder of 4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS) have decided, that owning two successful businesses, was not enough.  They found out that they both have the same goals in life. The goals to  inspire, educate, make people laugh and add joy in their life, so they came up with two new social media channels ” The F.A.C.K of the day “  and “Magicgal4ever”  

When Ravit met Joseph and saw his work, she saw something different,  she got inspired by the contents that he created for his clients. She felt that they both think outside of the box, want to deliver a new message to the World and both are very motivated to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Ravit & Joseph made a promise that from now on, the contents that will be created by them, will be seen all over social media.

Joseph and Ravit share similar stories and both came from traditional families, which naturally attract them to collaborate. They both had to leave the familiar traditional system and go to the unknown.

Since both had to start from scratch in the business world and didn’t have mentors around them, they had to lift each other. They believe that if you have knowledge , you should share it with others and don’t keep it for yourself. 

Ravit had low self confidence as a teenager and was bullied for being overweight in middle school as a teenager. She felt deep down in her heart, that by collaborating with Joseph to create fun, cool contents, they can help the young generation to boost their self confidence, give them hope and show them, that you don’t have to look in a certain way or have a certain accent,  in order to be loved. You have to be comfortable in your imperfection. The imperfection is what makes you perfect. 

Ravit and Joseph are residents of Los Angeles. They are both hard working self-made immigrants who know how difficult it is to start your own company and succeed.