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10 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Updated: Apr 2

By Tammi Pickle

1. Good communication stands as a cornerstone in every relationship. Initiating conversations about our needs and desires isn't always effortless. It requires a willingness to express oneself and to actively listen to the other person. Addressing issues that arise within the relationship is crucial. Since no one possesses the ability to read minds, it's imperative to communicate problems openly, allowing both individuals to resolve conflicts and fortify their bond.


2. Spend quality time together and create meaningful memories, a deeper connection and fostering a deep bond. Prioritize regular, intentional time for one another, and maintain communication through texts and calls to ensure they feel cherished, even in your physical absence.


3.  Support each other, be there for one another through thick and thin. Offer not just encouragement, but also unwavering love, showcasing your dedication to overcoming life's obstacles as a cohesive unit.


4.  Commit to self-betterment, emphasizing personal growth and advancement, thereby enhancing your capacity to contribute positively to the relationship. Prioritize holistic self-care encompassing physical, mental, and emotional well-being to ensure you're operating at your optimal potential.


5. Prioritize affection and intimacy as a cornerstone of your relationship, valuing moments of closeness and connection. Dedicate both time and energy to nurturing romance with your partner, fostering a bond that thrives on shared intimacy and mutual appreciation.


6. Learn to give and take in your relationship. Healthy relationships are built on compromise. You will never get what you want 100% of the time, you need to meet in the middle and work together as a team to build and maintain a healthy relationship. Embrace the art of compromise in your relationship, recognizing that healthy partnerships thrive on mutual give-and-take. While you may not always have your way entirely, finding common ground and collaborating as a unified team is essential for cultivating and sustaining a fulfilling bond.


7. Learn how to respectfully resolve conflict. Disagreements are a natural part of any relationship, but it’s important to resolve them in a healthy and constructive way.  To keep a relationship strong, people need to feel heard. Work together to get through any and all conflicts and have the confidence in your relationship that you can work through issues together. Don’t let resentment, misunderstanding or anger grow, let your partner know what’s going on and fix the problem together. Listen to each other, find compromises and work towards a solution together.


8. Be prepared for ups and downs, understanding that every relationship is a mix of peaks and valleys. Disagreements and differing perspectives are inevitable; however, they offer opportunities for growth. Recognize that during challenging times, one partner may need support while the other provides solace. Refrain from projecting your stress onto your loved one, and instead, strive to collaborate harmoniously, evolving as a unified force capable of overcoming any obstacle that crosses your path.


9. If challenges persist don't be afraid to ask for help. If you find yourselves unable to overcome obstacles alone in your relationship, don't hesitate to seek outside assistance. Consult with a counselor or therapist who can offer guidance and support as you navigate through difficult times together, strengthening your bond in the process.


10. Keep your love alive. Consistently foster and enrich your relationships by demonstrating love, care, and gratitude towards your partner. Elevate the importance of your relationship by prioritizing it in your life, ensuring it receives the attention and effort it deserves.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Tammi Pickle


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