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By Doly Mallet

Queen Elizabeth II died, and we are almost tired of the topic. We have read so many different things about her; we feel that we already know everything. Interesting, taking the fact that Monarchy was created within the belief that the monarch was a representative of God, someone who was beyond and above us, an untouchable figure. But nowadays, with all the media surrounding us, Monarchy is more like a reality show on which we can all comment because even though the characters are Royal, they are more human and closer than ever.

We know all the scandals, the infidelities, the plotting, the family breakups, who is the favorite child, who is not, how was their education, their sufferings… We even know how they repeat some family patterns: there is always a “responsible sibling” and a “rebel sibling,” like Elizabeth herself and her sister Margaret, or their father George VI (who accepted the responsibility of the throne) versus Uncle Edward VIII who declined it for love, and of course, the new generation represented with William and Harry.