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Through A Child’s Eyes By DeAmoray Newsome-Wilson

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Hi! I am DeAmoray Newsome-Wilson, I am 11-years old, and I live in Sacramento, California. I am a contestant in the Heart of Hollywood Kids competition, and I am excited to be a part of this. So, I think about A LOT of different things like my family (including my pet rabbit), my career, and the injustices of the world.  My family is my foundation and my faith in God. My mom provides for me and makes sure I have a roof over my head, clothes, food, and lots of love. She takes me on vacation and introduces me to many different activities to expose me. My Grandparents take care of me when my Mom has to work for a living. My uncle and my aunties are very nice and loving. And guess what? My Great-Grandmother is still alive at 93 years old. However, she is very ill and needs all the prayers she can get right now. I love her so much.

I think about my career and what my grown-up years will be like. I ask myself, “Will I be a performer? A Professor? A Veterinarian? A Mathematician (I love math)! A Mom? A Spouse? A Business Woman?” There is so much I can do and would like to do because there is more to explore. I will continue to work my craft, build my skills, do my best, and not be afraid to fail. I also think about the state of the world. I see lots and lots of hatred. I wrote a rap song called “Hard Times” expressing how I have been feeling about it all. So, here it is: We hate all this brutality; So why don’t they go ahead and set us free? That way we can live our lives; And all the black men can just survive. While police were having fun on New Year's Eve; A black man was on the street saying “I can’t breathe”. We fight for justice, we fight for our lives;  While all corrupt police are giving us hard times (repeat 2x’s). So you ask, what motivates me? I motivate myself to be great, but I am also motivated by the people I see that are winning and doing what they love. Those people are as follows; my big sister Chardae, artists: Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, Nikki Minaj, Doja Cat, Roddy Rich, actor Will Smith and more!

In conclusion, change starts within. It starts with me. It also starts with you. I will bring love and peace into this world as a child and continue when I grow up. Currently, I volunteer for “Feed Sacramento Homeless” which is a non-profit organization that provides food, clothes, and hygiene products to the underprivileged and unhoused population in Sacramento, CA. I enjoy helping people in need and being nice to people no matter what they look like or where they come from. I can also work on changing when I have a bad attitude to a positive one, so I can achieve peace within, and hopefully, it can spread to others!

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures is known for being inclusive and promoting multicultural diversity.

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