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The Sky's the Limit

Halas Wilbourn Creates a Live Podcast and Will Expand into Other Field.

Halas Wilbourn describes himself as an ordinary man who wants to do extraordinary

things. He currently hosts The Halas Wilbourn Show, a live podcast welcoming talented, successful people worldwide to share their stories. This show focuses on entrepreneurs, celebrities, and unique, interesting individuals that have achieved success in their lives.

Halas was born and raised in the city of Chicago, the third of four siblings. He grew up on the west side and moved to the south side of Chicago. He attended schools within the Chicago public school system as a youth and was always fascinated by radio broadcasting.

“I welcome all successful people worldwide to share their stories”

“In my junior year of high school, I attended the Columbia School of Broadcasting to get a head start on being a radio announcer by the time I graduated from high school. That was my dream. In the mid-80s I learned many skills, such as auto mechanic, carpentry, and cement mason work. I later attended Wilberforce University, in pursuit of a degree in Mass Media Communications. In the summer of 1990, I left college to work for the Chicago Transit Authority part-time, to earn extra money for college. However, I ended up dropping out of college and continue to work for Chicago mass transit for the next 22 years,” recalls the talented podcast host.

He later started doing stand-up comedy at local talent shows and landed a role in a play

around 2015. His dream was reignited. “In 2017 I got an offer to join the Chicago Millionaire radio show with comedic commentary. I left Chicago, however, and moved to Georgia, where I obtained a heavy equipment operator certificate that I never used. Two years later, I met this brilliant woman, Giovanna Salas, the CEO of Heart Of Hollywood. I hired her for a consultation and my life began to transform. I learned how to produce my first short film, I landed a part in major movie production, and I started my very own live podcast show,” explains Halas.

Halas invites the audience to join him every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. His presence on Facebook and YouTube is growing stronger every day. “I welcome all successful people worldwide to share their stories My show is devoted to entrepreneurs and celebrities, and also regular people who want success”, says Halas, known for his signature expression, “Boah I’ll Tell Ya...”.

Halas is definitely busy these days. He was one of the sponsors of the glamorous Heart Of Hollywood Virtual Red Carpet, an interactive live TV experience featuring fashion designers and other talented, creative people from many different countries.

“Now I’m looking to own my own vodka brand, along with T-shirts, caps, and other accessories,” he says. “My dream keeps expanding. Boah I’ll Tell Ya...the sky’s the limit!”


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