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The Only TV Show of its’ Kind Features CEOs from the World of Caregiving

By Jessica Ross

Did you know that there are over 300 million caregivers worldwide? With more than 63 million caregivers in the United States alone, caring for loved ones is an issue that will not subside and only continue to grow every day. That was the inspiration for Caregiving Worldwide. Launched during January of 2023 on Roku, Hulu, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV, it’s the first show in all of mass media focused on caregiving. During each episode, Caregiving Worldwide will bring in CEOs from around the world to present products and services that will help viewers on their caregiving journey now or in the future.

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The concept behind Caregiving Worldwide was created by Traci Lamb, CEO and Founder of Smart Caregiving. Smart Caregiving aims to provide caregivers with educational information each month to help them work smarter. Through the partnerships Smart Caregiving has already formed and continues to forge daily, they are rapidly becoming a one-stop shop for caregivers.


“My vision and dream from the inception of my company has always been to get the message to the masses,” said Traci Lamb. “With nothing on caregiving currently in mass media, it was desperately needed!”

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A veteran of network television with over 37 years of experience, CP Communications produces, edits, hosts, and airs the show on Red House Streaming (RHSTV), their recently launched streaming service. The RHSTV app can be downloaded for free on Google or Apple and the episodes may be watched there.

Caregiving Worldwide is part of the Caregiving Worldwide Network of TV shows which will be launching by March 2023. Joining Traci each week is longtime patient and caregiver advocate, Dr. Natanya Wachtel, with a self-care segment for caregivers entitled, “Mindful Moments”, that focuses on honoring caregiver efforts and guides relaxation and offers tips for managing stress. Also included in the network will be content relating to Military/Veterans, HealthCare AI, a channel dedicated to the Latino community and so much more! A team of experts has also been working to select specific, beneficial and doctor-endorsed supplements and other incredible products created for patients and their loved ones, and will be available soon for purchase with a percent of all proceeds going to select charities working to support care.

Caregiving Worldwide in conjunction with Smart Caregiving is looking to become THE resource for caregivers in helping them to know they are no longer alone no matter where they are.

Click HERE to watch the first episode

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Tammy  Reese
Tammy Reese
Feb 08, 2023

Very inspiring!

Jessica Ross
Jessica Ross
Feb 08, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Tammy! So glad you like it!

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