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Photographer Miguel Acevedo discusses his Start in the business and his distinctive style

In 1987, LA-based photographer Miguel Acevedo caught his first glimpses of Ansel Adams posters and felt instantly drawn to black and white photographic images. At the time, he was in college, with little time or money to spare, but with plenty of dreams and ideas.

Photo Credit: Miguel Acevedo

“During one of our weekly phone chats, I shared with my mom that I was interested in learning about photography. She offered to go halfers with me on a camera. It was to be my first, an entry-level Minolta. Camera in hand, I signed up for a beginner's class on black and white film and darkroom techniques,” says Miguel.

Photo Credit: Miguel Acevedo

He centers mostly on portraits and lifestyle shots. Although he has impressive shots in color, the majority of his work is in black and white, or almost black and white.

“I love to shoot subtle, nuanced expressions and looks that capture an emotion that speaks to or strikes a chord with the people who see my images,” he explains. “A shoot that stands out in my mind is one I had with my mother. It was an impromptu shoot on her birthday, about a year and a half ago. She passed away late last year, and I'm particularly happy and relieved I have those images to cherish.”

Photo Credit: Miguel Acevedo

Although many amazing photo opportunities occur spontaneously, when it comes to clients, Miguel believes clear communication and a collaborative effort create the best results.

“My advice to someone who wants great headshots or lifestyle pictures is to identify, as clearly as possible, how you'd like the images to look. What message do you want them to convey? Professional? Fun? Sexy? Dramatic? Then take those ideas to a photographer and begin collaboration on a project,” Miguel states. “When choosing a location or background, I like to get feedback from the model. Depending on the desired look, I'll consider lighting, surroundings, including whether it's in a studio or outdoors, and poses as important factors.”

Farther along in the collaborative process, and prior to the shoot itself, Miguel believes more details, such as wardrobe, props, and poses, should be discussed.

“Life is short, and part of the power of photography lies in the longevity of images and their ability to preserve special moments in time. This applies to photographers as well as subjects and models,” he says. “If photography interests you, seize the moment and waste no time in embarking on a journey that will make your emotions come alive. And isn't that what life's about?”

Photo Credit: Miguel Acevedo

Miguel’s photo services include headshots, full-body shots, and lifestyle images. Those who wish to discuss and/or set up a shoot can contact him through Instagram @miggshots or at (323) 481-7615.

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