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Author Stan Weisleder Captivates Readers with ‘the Dogs of Brownsville,’ an Exciting Historical Novel

The Dogs of Brownsville is a historical novel ripped from the headlines of the past 70 years told in Godfather fashion about a handful of guys, and girls, that make it out of the ghetto of Brownsville and arrive in Las Vegas in time to witness and participate in the changing of the guard from “the Mob” to Howard Hughes to corporate America.

The novel traces the lives of Lawrence Cohen or Mongoose and his boyhood friends, Ringo, Solly, Mo, Scumbag and Charlie the Man, together with Yetta, the wife of a Rabbi who runs a “bunny ranch” in Pahrump, Nevada, and her daughter Wylie who becomes a Navy jet pilot. Mongoose, who is in charge of the gaming activities for the Desert Winds Hotel and Casino, the latest venture of “the Mob”, worked for Frank Rothman, the “Wizard of Odds,” and Ignacio Baldacci or Balsy.

He reunites with Eunice, who has become a successful showgirl under the name of Venus. At first, she ignores him, but softens after he is almost killed in a car bombing. As their relationship develops, Mongoose is haunted by her prior connection with Tommy DiMeglio, someone he must deal with and “make his bones” against Funzi Santucci, as he was responsible for the car bombing. The novel concludes with the partnership between the Desert Winds Hotel and Casino and Stanley Ho, the richest man in Asia, to establish the Pacific Winds Hotel and Casino in Macau in time for the new millennium in the Year of The Dragon.


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Writer Stan Weisleder worked as an actuary for most of his life. When he decided to retire, it wasn’t to sit on the porch and watch the grass grow. He became a cop and an author, and he had his own internet radio program, The View From Over Here, where he interviewed people in the arts and entertainment. He put in 23 years with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, most of that time as a reserve detective with the Child Abuse Unit of Special Victims. His first novel, The Easy Way, is based on his personal experiences with the LASD and being the oldest one to have graduated from their Academy. His next novel, A Killer of Lions, is the story of the Tuskegee Airmen that had to fight two Air Forces in order to be recognized, the German Luftwaffe and the US Army Air Corp. Stan is also available as a speaker on what to do after you retire.

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