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Non-Profit organizations that need your support

Last year, the Washington Post reported that one-third of organizations might not survive the reccessión the pandemic has caused. This is precisely why we must join and help as much as we can because many of these causes are the silent heroes of so many. Read about this week’s organizations and consider donating so we can help them achieve their goal.

1.Oxfam International

Oxfam is a global movement of people working together to end the injustice of poverty. That means they tackle the inequality that keeps people poor. Together, they save, protect and rebuild lives when disaster strikes. They help people build better lives for themselves, take on issues like land rights, climate change, and discrimination against women.

They have worked with 19.5 million people worldwide, and with the rising inequality risks due to the health crisis, their services have never been more crucial. While hundreds of millions of people are being forced into destitution and poverty, many of the richest are thriving. By donating, we can help Oxfam close the gap and create an equal world for everyone, especially now that people’s lives are at stake. Read more about their amazon work here:


2. Helen Keller International

This organization has several goals: they provide many tens of millions of people with treatment to prevent diseases of poverty, including blinding trachoma and river blindness, the work to eliminate malnutrition and issue resources to inform society about the importance of eye health, tropical diseases, and nutrition. At the moment, Helen Keller International is working hard in the USA, Asia, and Africa to help those communities that have been deeply affected by the pandemic. The hunger crisis has only increased, and now it’s the time to pay attention and help those in urgent need.

You can make a one-time donation or consider making a monthly gift; you will literally be saving lives. Learn more and donate at the following link:


3. Give What We Can

I really wanted to share this organization that calls itself a community of givers that I think is not only doing great work, but they are helping it in a very effective way. “We believe that charitable donations can do an astonishing amount of good. However, the impact can vary wildly depending on where we donate. Because the difference between charities is astounding, it is important that we donate to the most effective charities if we want to have a significant impact.”

They now have 5,782 members who have pledged to donate at least 10% of their income throughout their careers and 1,029 members who have made other significant commitments. They aim to create a culture where people are inspired to give more and give more effectively. They considering “taking a pledge” the best way to effectively help since it can work as a form of 'pre-commitment, a psychological strategy for sticking to goals we may otherwise be tempted to give up. However, if you don’t feel ready to take the pledge, you can also donate to one of their effective charities. Find more information here:


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