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New Interview Series Presented by Heart Of Hollywood Magazine

The world needs inspiration and it also needs to find a way to adapt to the current times that we are going through such as the pandemic and technological changes. We want to share our heart with all of you and let you know that you can follow your dreams despite the challenges that life might bring to you.

Share Your Heart is the name of a new talk show produced and hosted by Giovanna Salas, a creative entrepreneur and filmmaker. “We want to create in depth interviews of what happens inside a creative individual by sharing their heart and bringing you into their world as we showcase their creative space” - Giovanna Salas.

The production of this talk show already started with our first guest Will Franco, an accountant who decided to embark on a journey to become a fashion designer. We have more guests added to the list such as Hollywood film producer Steve Longi.

Exciting things are happening this year and we would like to ask you for your support for the development of this production.

Our team is formed by commitment, determination, and love. Help us Share Our Heart with you.

Sponsors will receive a surprise gift and on-screen recognition.

Show length: 30-45 min

Language: English

Behind the scenes: Will Franco Studio.



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