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Natural Menopause Formula

By Batista Gremaud

Few women truly understand menopause, even though most are aware of it. Many women don't spend much time thinking about how their lifestyle will need to change when they reach menopause, which can lead to negative emotions about the topic - either for themselves or a loved one. However, as with anything, knowledge is power.

Menopause can be a challenging time. Around the mid to late forties, a woman's body starts preparing for the shutdown of her reproductive system. This shift produces a rapid estrogen decrease, affecting her hormonal balance. It is almost a second puberty because, little by little, her reproductive organs are developing in new ways. As a result, what she has become familiar with over three decades is changing.

The Symptoms

There are 34 commonly acknowledged menopause symptoms. Some are caused by changing hormones, and others by sudden nutrient deficiencies and stress. In addition, the confusion and loss of identity at this time may also contribute to menopausal discomfort.

The 6 Most Common Menopause Symptoms

  • Hot Flashes / Night Sweats

  • Mood Swings / Depression

  • Loss of Libido / Vaginal Dryness

  • Irregular Periods

  • Weight Gain

  • Belly Fat

Less acknowledged symptoms include odor change, hair loss, brittle nails, panic disorder, and itchiness, among others… Of course, being a unique adventure, no two women experience menopause the same way. But read on, as there is much to learn to improve your outcomes!


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Stress Makes Everything Worse

The inevitable menopause process alters your ability to manage stress, impacting brain chemicals and sleep patterns. This can lead to increased anxiety, depression, sadness, and stress, which in turn worsens the symptoms of menopause. This is especially true in times of hardship, such as the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many women have been forced to make drastic professional adjustments to survive the economic crash caused by post-pandemic inflation. Moreover, many women are still working during menopause in our society, as the average retirement age for women is 65.

As women, we often put our needs last, after our families, loved ones, and business. As a result, we push through the challenges life throws at us and ignore our body's distress signals, potentially aggravating the symptoms or creating unexpected health challenges.

The good news? You can make a different choice.

A Healthy Lifestyle Makes Everything Better

It is easier to manage menopause if you adapt to a healthy lifestyle ahead of time. This means getting enough sleep, maintaining a nutritious diet, drinking enough water, and exercising regularly. Stress management skills will also come in handy for dealing with menopause symptoms.

Quick Life Hacks for Menopause

  • Eating spicy foods and drinking alcohol aggravate night sweats and hot flashes

  • Using lubricants helps vaginal dryness and uncomfortable sexual intercourse

  • Eating balanced meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables prevents weight gain

  • Eating more fiber shrinks your belly

  • Regular exercise helps with weight management as well as mood behavior

Pumping Iron

Women over 40 need to maintain their strength through high-intensity resistance training. This will help to keep their bodies and minds active as they age, as well as help to regulate any hormonal imbalances.

Younger than 40? You can start practicing this now, and your future self will thank you.

The Silent Killer

Osteoporosis is called the silent killer because it develops without symptoms or warning signs. It is a progressive disease that slowly weakens bones over time. This makes them more susceptible to fractures, leading to disability and even death.

Osteoporosis risk skyrockets after menopause. Therefore, strength training, which includes increasingly lifting heavier weights, is vital to building bone and muscle strength. Also, it burns body fat, revs up your metabolism, and serves as an excellent stress management tool.

Strength Training Yields Many Additional Health Benefits for Women 40+

  • Reduced risk of diabetes

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Decreased arthritis pain

  • Maintenance and improvement in lower back health/pain management

  • Increased functional independence

  • Improved gait velocity

  • Improved sleep

  • Decreased depressive symptoms

  • Decreased stress and anxiety

  • Increased self-efficacy

  • Increased overall physical activity level

Strength training is an effective way to maintain physical activity and increase balance and coordination. Due to these physiological changes, postmenopausal women fearful of falls or a broken hip are more likely to avoid injury.

Strength training makes you stronger, which makes you feel better. When you feel better, everything becomes more manageable. The surge of feel-good healing neurochemicals floods your brain, enabling you to make better lifestyle choices.

Feel and Look Fantastic at Any Age

How you feel about yourself is most important, but you will look better, too! A dependable strength training program combined with correct ergonomic applications and consistency will produce a beautiful, toned, firm feminine physique and a new lease on life. Perhaps you will never regain the 20-something body you may still dream about; however, you can claim emotional and physical well-being today by changing your mindset and priorities.

A Change in Perspective

In many indigenous cultures, where communities are deeply rooted in earthly wisdom, menopause is considered a sacred time for a woman to access her spiritual and healing powers. For example, the Vedas view menopause as a period when she can deepen her connection with spirit by going within.

Some gratitude and a shift in perspective can make the difference between experiencing dreadful menopause and transforming it into a profound journey of inner self-discovery.

Don't focus on the symptoms or dwell on what is gone. Instead, be thankful and appreciate the body bestowed upon you so far.

"It's not like 50 is the new 30. It's like 50 is the new chapter." – Sharon Stone

Be grateful for the opportunity to begin a new stage in your life. Look forward to the journey of practicing self-love and self-care and starting a trustworthy strength training program. You might even admire the emerging muscular appearance and newfound inner and outer strength reflected in the mirror.

Make menopause the beginning of the rest of your life with a strength training program now.

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Batista Gremaud is the CEO and president of Dr Fitness International, an International Body Designer, Strength Training Expert, No1 Best Selling author of Feminine Body Design, Empowering Fitness For A Pain-Free Life, co-creator of the Feminine Body Design online strength training mentoring system, co-host of the Esoteric Principles of Bodybuilding, Recipient of the most outstanding fitness program 2019 by The Winners Circle, Mastermind at Sea. and producer of Dr Fitness USA’s THE SHOW.

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