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Nancy Harding Co-Stars in Crown Prince of Christmas Premiering December 10th

By Jessica Ross

TV and Film star Nancy Harding is co-starring in the CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS on the GREAT AMERICAN FAMILY channel. This holiday TV film premieres on Saturday December 10th @ 8:00pm (EST) 5:00pm (PST). Nancy stars as Ruth Little in this family holiday TV film. Nancy has starred in such TV movies as Disney’s Cheaper by the Dozen, Lifetime's Keeping up with the Joneses, and PureFlix God’s Not Dead: We The People.

Nancy Harding

CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS is about Ruth Little’s daughter Madison, an aspiring musician, who jokingly tells her mom she is dating the prince of a small European nation. The joke goes too far and her friend/ co-worker Sebastian is roped into impersonating the prince while visiting her family in New Jersey. Little does Madison know that Sebastian happens to be hiding a royal secret.

The Crown Prince of Christmas cast

When and where was Crown Prince of Christmas filmed ? If it was filmed during Covid , what changes were made to adapt in order to continue shooting ?

Crown Prince of Christmas filmed in Buffalo, NY during September. We were having a heat wave here in Los Angeles and stepping off the plane into 60 degree temps totally put me in the Christmas mood. COVID testing was done on a daily basis and masks were worn by everyone.

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Tell us more about your role as Ruth Little .

Ruth Little owns a Christmas Shop called “Little Ornaments.” She is married with 3 daughters. She loves being a Mom and is very much a part of her daughters’ lives. She wants to see her eldest daughter Madison happy & fulfilling her dream of becoming a singer, so she encourages her to try-out for the Royal Gala Headliner. Ruth is a loving, compassionate & supportive Mom.

How did you prepare for the role ?

I was at a dinner party when the Casting Director emailed me a heads-up that I was the first choice of the Producers & Director. They just needed to get Network approval. I dismissed myself from the party and had that Casting Director send me the script immediately (because the film started shooting in a week)! I read it that night and thought it was adorable. The next day I booked the role. I printed-out all of my scenes, broke them down (objective, motivation, relationship), and started memorizing. I use an app called Off Book which let’s me record all the lines then mute my lines.

Anthony Ferrante, the director of Crown Prince of Christmas with Nancy Harding

What is your favorite holiday movie?

My favorite holiday movie is the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart. I just love the message and Jimmy gives a powerful performance.

What can people expect when they watch the Crown Prince of Christmas?

Crown Prince of Christmas is a Christmas Movie, family film and love story. Cindy Busby plays my daughter Madison and is adorable to watch.

Nancy Harding grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was a DJ & Program Director for her high school radio station, studied broadcast communications at Western Michigan University, then announced for Q-lite 106.5 radio WQLR. When Nancy moved to Los Angeles, she fell in love with acting. She has had Supporting roles in Disney’s Cheaper by The Dozen (opposite Zach Braff & Gabrielle Union), Tubi’s Tales of a 5th Grade Robin Hood (opposite Jon Lovitz), and Pure Flix God's Not Dead: We The People. This year alone Nancy has starred in 9 films and 5 commercials... they include: Lifetime Movie Network Films: The Shoplifting Pact, Mother's Deadly Son, Keeping up With the Joneses, Lucky Charm, Date Whisperer, She Inherited Danger, the upcoming Sci Fi Network film Armageddon, and Love at the Lodge (a Rom-Com). Nancy resides in Los Angeles with her husband and 2 daughters.

To find Great American Family in your area: go to, select Channel Finder, type your zip code, and it’ll tell you all your viewing options (Cable Channel, Direct TV Channel, DISH Network Channel, Hulu LIVE Channel).

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