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Meet Diana Roca: A Musician's Journey in Hollywood

By Karla Silva,

Diana Roca, is a talented musician, singer, and songwriter. She plays the piano, guitar and saxophone. Diana's passion for music led the way to come to Hollywood and start a new beginning.

Diana is also an entrepreneur that launched a wine brand called Anclados, a small batch of

Mexican High-end wine.

How did you discover your passion for music?

I discovered my passion for music at an early age, I remember writing in my yearbook, on the section “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, I was probably 9 years old, and I wrote “A singer”… I should have that yearbook somewhere in a box.

I’ve always pictured myself on huge stages with a big crowd, I’m always singing, I don’t even notice when I am.

I was part of my school’s choir since very young. Also, my grandpa had a somewhat successful band in the 50’s in Mexico.

What projects are you doing or in which are you currently involved?

I’m currently involved in a project where we recorded 4 cover songs from the 80’s and 90’s with the producer Humberto Gatica. I’m currently working on my project more professionally, recording in professional studios, filming videos for those songs, starting to give private shows and connecting with the industry to take my career to a next level.

I now have a manager, his name is Alberto Estevez & a publicist, her name is Karla Silva.

What's your dream, your ultimate goal? Do you feel like you're on the path to this goal, or do you feel as if you already achieved that dream?

My dream is to be giving worldwide concert tours on big stages and arenas, sharing the stage with the biggest singers known. I would love to do duets with the big stars from the 80’s & 90’s like Elton John, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Paul Anka, Luis Miguel, Stevie Wonder, Chicago & Cher to mention a few. And from the most recent time I would say Michael Buble, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran Adele.

Most of the singers I’ve mentioned have recorded with my producer for this project, Humberto Gatica, so it was a perfect match for me.

I‘ve always liked to aim high at anything I do. I do believe everything is possible.

For the first time in all this time, I do believe I’m on the right path to this dream, I think I have a more professional, structured & experienced team around me that could potentially lead this project to where we want it to go.

I have faith and I keep working on it.

They say success is 10 years in the making, I’m somewhere around that.

More about Diana Roca

Personal IG: @dianarocas

Music IG: @dianarocamusic

Anclados Wine IG: @ancladoswine

Website: &

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