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Make a Wish, Happy New Year 2022!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Not all things are perfect, personally we may be experiencing difficult times. During the holidays we have pictures of families being together, smiling faces and celebrations welcoming a New Year.

Life is unique for every individual and beautiful, despite all its challenges. I want to take a moment to think about; the loss of life, family breakups, failing friendships, single parents, people trying to find their identity and place in this world, as well as those who might be spending the holidays alone.

I want to acknowledge that, at this moment, for some, including myself, it's okay if we’re not completely fulfilled. We can still Celebrate! Smile! and remember to Dream!

During the last couple of years, COVID has changed a lot of things. Most everyone was affected on an emotional level and in some way financially.

I try to maintain my distance from the negativity of both ideologies of wearing masks or not, to get vaccinated or not. I’m respectful of others, their space and their ideologies.

The truth is that there have always been challenges in life, both emotional and financial. The difference now is that it is more acute, widespread and obvious due, in part, to the smaller world brought about by the convergence of health, technology, innovation and a resulting platform for mankind’s self expression.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities published in 1859

Like never before have I seen a wave of new podcasts, in-home jobs, virtual meetings and now social media. These have all become vital for every business.

I managed to keep my company, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, open because I fully embraced these technological changes. But, I also knew that I had to address my own mental state. I worked to remain positive, to focus on innovative ways to stay afloat and to create new ways to interact with our clients, audience and the Heart Of Hollywood team. I can’t even imagine all the struggles the business owners are having right now. But, I want to let them know that I empathize with them and that we will rebuild and that we will continue to create as we rise up out of this rubble, shedding our skins to become new, refreshed and revitalized.


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What kept Heart Of Hollywood Magazine alive was You. I never thought that this magazine would bring joy and miles to so many of our readers and clients. This means a lot to me and to our entire team. You are our biggest inspiration. Thank you for being with us throughout this year. We appreciate your support. Words cannot express the extent of our gratitude..

Tonight I will have a suitcase and twelve grapes ready to run at 12:00 AM. Every year, since I can remember, I have followed this tradition. This year, without exception, I stand ready and am fully prepared to continue…

The suitcase symbolizes the ability to travel. If you wish to travel, in the new year, this has always worked for me. This year, I will carry my suitcase, not just to travel but also to free myself from the fear that does not allow me to move forward in my life.

As the clock strikes 12:00 AM I start running with my suitcase and eating the grapes, one by one. Each grape is used to symbolize a wish. Be thoughtful of your wishes because, if you believe, they do become real.

While I do this I feel the energy all around me that covers my body, from head to toe, with hope and peace. I am fortunate in that my wishes always come true. Oh! I almost forgot, don't tell your wishes to anyone. You can only tell your wishes after the full year has passed.

To close, I will say Be courageous! and Embrace Life Daily! Celebrate! Despite all the challenges. You have the hours now, enjoy the gift of time.

The happiest of New Years to you, all of our supporters. From our hearts to yours.

With love

Giovanna Salas

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Rocky Karlage
Rocky Karlage
Jan 05, 2022

Lovely thoughts Giovanna. 🙏💖

Happy New Year 2022 to each and all! May God keep you safe and well through this year, and wishing you much success that we can share with others. 😍🎞 - Rocky

Replying to

Thank you for the kind message. Happy New Year! Best wishes to you and all your love ones. 🎵🍿😇❤️

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