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Jaszlyn Ruth Jalile Is Preparing to Open a Fashion and Handbag Company to Create Jobs

Ever since handbag creator and budding entrepreneur Jaszlyn Ruth Jalile was 12, she has been designing fashion with her grandmother.

“Around that age, I realized I wanted to become a fashion designer. My grandmother bought me my first mini sewing machine. Everything is history after that. I started learning how to make simple clothing, such as shorts and dresses”, she recalls. “I was born into a strict military household and the only thing I could do was watch my grandmother sew.”

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Jaszlyn grew up in a Christian household in Houston, Texas.

“For the most part, it was really just me and my mom, Kathy Gardner. My dad, Jeffrey Gardner, just retired from the Army as a First Sergeant, and he was stationed in army posts throughout my whole life. I also have two older sisters, Tranika Baker and Tiffany Bass,” says Jaszlyn.”I went to Spring High School, then transferred to Wunche Career Academy High School. I wanted to major in Fashion Design. Since they didn’t have the program at the time, I studied Early Childhood Education.”

The designer’s grandmother, however, was a big influence on her.

“My grandmother was my mentor. Everything she gave us, she made herself, no matter what it was. While all my cousins were outside playing, I was in the house, studying everything she made, and following everything stitch,” remembers Jaszlyn.

She had her first job at 16, at the Splashtown water park in Spring, Texas.

“All my friends and I were working there so that summer was lit! After High School, my dream was to attend the Art Institute of Houston to become the best fashion designer I could be! As I grew older, I started to make plans for a company of my own. Everyone else was making the same type of clothes, the same style, the same colors. Every piece looked the same. Nothing was different. When you walked in a store, everything looked the same,” she explains. “Since I am obsessed with handbags and have plenty, I had an idea, designing my own handbag collection. I am very hands-on and love to make stuff. I searched YouTube and Google for information on how to make a leather handbag.”


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Jaszlyn has come a long way but claims she failed and nearly gave up many times.

“I had to throw out everything I made. I had quit and still managed to keep failing. At this time, I questioned God. Was this really for me? I always listen to Kevin Hart’s and Tyler Perry’s stories about how they got started. Everyone was just like me,” she says. “My family has always been pushing me to live my dreams, but not everyone will support you. You just need to keep starting over until you get it right.”

At this time, Jaszlyn is getting ready to open her fashion company, which will be based in her hometown, Houston, to create jobs and internships.

“I was once a little girl looking to get a foot in, and it was hard. I am now building my own team of creative designers who want to be seen in the fashion industry,” she mentions.

Jaszlyn is a mother who had her children at 20, 22, 26, and always strives to give them the best life possible. She is also thankful to her parents for the way she was raised.

I wish I would’ve listened to my parents, but I learned from every mistake I made. They really raised me the right way, and I am so blessed for that. I didn’t understand why my dad was hard on me, but now I thank him,” she says.

The designer is a domestic violence survivor and is planning to partner with other domestic violence victims and help the world.

“I was once scared to speak up. Thank God I did, or I wouldn’t be here today. Ifinally told my story and I believe that if it can help other victims, then my job is done,” says Jaszlyn. “I want to help everyone who is going through struggles, because I did too. I know how it is. How hard it is. Life throws so much in your way, and it’s up to you to fight every battle. Keep going. You will fail so many times, but if you sleep, eat, and dream about something you love to do, then God is telling you he has your back. Focus on the present. Like I always say, you will never have peace if you don’t let go of tomorrow.”


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