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How to Reset, Regenerate, and Rewrite Your Story with Dr. Medge Jaspan

By Batista Gremaud

Medge Jaspan is an amazing French-American abstract painter, Positive Psychology, and Metaphysics practitioner. 

Due to an unfortunate accident when she crashed into a glass window, she suffered multiple lacerations all over her body, leading to being hospitalized and bedridden for four months.

During this extended period, Medge gained a profound understanding of the significant impact that creativity has on expressing gratitude and discovering joy in life. She pursued various personal interests, including painting and creating vegan wrinkle-free fashion, to raise awareness and empower women to embrace freedom.

She also understood the significance of embracing authenticity to utilize her strengths and talents and find daily happiness. With a passion for quantum physics and energy, Medge realized she had a gift to help women or men discover their true potential, embrace their strengths, and thrive amidst unexpected challenges with various techniques. 

When did you realize you had a gift?

As a toddler, I became aware of my unique ability to sense when others were sad. At this young age, I discovered my gift for bringing happiness and smiles to people's faces.

Did people treat you differently growing up because of your gift?

I didn't talk about my gift until I turned 40 years old. In Cannes, I attended a friend's birthday party, where everyone present was involved in holistic practice. During the event, someone approached me and pointed out my unique ability. I was reluctant to share. However, feeling secure in that environment, I engaged in the conversation and realized my gift was genuine. This revelation motivated me to immigrate to America; I granted myself the precious gift of freedom, as this country allows you to explore your true potential and return to school to study Psychology. I graduated with a Master's in Psychology and a Certificate in Mind-Body approach at Columbia University as I yearned to comprehend the depths of my abilities. 

Then, I continue my quest for knowledge and self-understanding with a doctorate in holistic Approach, Metaphysics, and Psychology. My educational background is rooted in Mathematics, so I originated from a realm of pure logic. I never anticipated immersing myself in the intangible world of spirituality and Metaphysics, which originated from a realm of pure logic. I never anticipated immersing myself in the intangible world of spirituality and Metaphysics.

When did you decide to pursue this as a career?

In France, I practiced coaching and leadership. As I continued to work with clients, my coaching approach naturally evolved, incorporating psychology and my innate gifts and intuitive abilities. As you embrace your true self and live from the depths of your heart, you'll notice a beautiful flow in life, where opportunities present themselves effortlessly. I enjoyed connecting with numerous holistic practitioners and being introduced to innovative technologies. None of this would have been possible if I had remained hiding in my comfort zone in Cannes, France.

How were you introduced to Tesla's Biohealing technology?

I stumbled and injured my shoulder and tried every possible holistic method to heal it. This was when a friend introduced me to Tesla Biohealing technology. I instantly recognized that it was the solution I had been searching for.

The previous evening, as I pondered the importance of incorporating new technology into my practice, an intriguing thought crossed my mind—what if there was a device that harnessed a different form of energy, one that didn't rely on electricity, allowing my clients to indulge in the unparalleled benefits of pure relaxation? I immediately knew I had found what I was looking for.

What is Tesla Biohealing, and how does it function?

Dr. Seth Robinson, the director of Tesla's Biohealing Center in Milford, Delaware, states that Tesla BioHealing technology is a revolutionary approach to wellness that utilizes biophotons to promote overall well-being. It is named after the renowned inventor Nikola Tesla, who was known for his groundbreaking work in wellness.

What are Biophotons?

Biophotons are emissions of light, also known as photon emissions, emitted by living organisms, including cells and tissues. The generation of biophotons is thought to be associated with various biochemical and physiological processes within living cells. Recent research indicates that biophotons may play a role in cellular communication and signaling and in regulating biological processes. The biological roles of biophotons have been extensively researched, experimented with, and validated. Biophotons coordinate most and possibly all the physiological processes in our living systems.


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What are the benefits of the Tesla Biohealing technology?

With Tesla BioHealing, you can tap into this natural energy source to promote balance, harmony, and vitality in your life.

The Tesla BioHealing devices transform any space into an invigorating yet relaxing atmosphere where the body can be rejuvenated and the mind opened! Though devices may be placed near your favorite chair, on your office desk, or in your car, the best place to place them is near the place you sleep when the body undergoes essential maintenance and repair.

How do you work with people?

I combine my innate intuition with cutting-edge technologies, including the Tesla Biohealing devices. Given the right tools and guidance, everyone can Shift to Reset, Regenerate, and Rewrite their story. The human body can only experience true healing when it enters a state of complete relaxation. This is where technology proves invaluable. However, with my unique abilities, I can tap into a person's energetic essence and discern any blockages, releasing them and initiating a comprehensive transformation of the body, mind, and spirit. Integrating physical, mental, and spiritual aspects is essential for genuine transformation.



What are your three takeaways?

Each individual possesses a unique essence and contributes to a larger interconnected whole. Our presence on Earth is not accidental; we all have a purpose. If each person embraces their true self and lives in alignment with their soul's calling, our society will undoubtedly thrive. Once you grasp your true identity and live from a place of authenticity, your life will be enriched in unimaginable ways. Happiness and well-being will flourish because you will wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility of fulfilling your life's purpose. Embracing the power of living from the heart is transformative; therefore, strive to be genuine, explore your true self, and confidently pursue the mission you were destined to accomplish in this world.


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Batista Gremaud is the CEO and president of Dr Fitness International. She is also an International Body Designer, Strength Training Expert, and the No. 1 Best-Selling author of Feminine Body Design: Empowering Fitness For A Pain-Free Life. Batista is also the co-creator of the online academy, and the executive producer of Dr Fitness USA’s THE SHOW.

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