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Hollywood Burger - March Madness Event - Hosted by Sheldon Bailey and showcasing former Pro 2x NBA player Rod Benson

March Madness Series - College Basketball Championship Tournament

By Angel Men Chan

Instagram @angelmenchan

On Sunday, March 24, 2024, Hollywood Burger Live hosted a thrilling March Madness Event - March Madness is from March 19, 2024 to April 8, 2024 - at the Hollywood Burger restaurant. The event served as a dynamic entertainment industry meet up and live talk show, bringing together a diverse array of talent and personalities. The event was expertly hosted by the versatile entertainer Sheldon Bailey, known for his roles in the new FX show “Clipped”, as well as appearances in NBA 2K, Shameless, and Nickelodeon. HB Live was a vibrant and exciting press event and party that catered to individuals of all ages, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Among the special guests in attendance at the Hollywood Burger Live event were basketball legend and TV personality, John Salley, who added a touch of sports excitement to the gathering. The event also featured music by the world-renowned DJ WhooKid from Shade 45 Sirius XM, creating an electrifying atmosphere with his beats. Model Melody Rae graced the event with her presence, bringing glamour and style to the proceedings.

Former NBA pro basketball player - for New Jersey Nets (2007) and Indiana Pacers (2009) - and gallery painter 6'9" Rod Benson showcased his talents, offering a unique blend of athleticism and creativity to the event. In 2023, he published a must read biography book called Different Dude on his illustrious international basketball and artist career. He eloquently stated, “Anybody can achieve whatever they want as long as they are authentic and go for it.”

The Model Mafia model group added a touch of glamour and sophistication, while celebrity photographer Jody Hou @WdyJody captured the essence of the event with his lens, immortalizing the memorable moments shared at Hollywood Burger Live.

The Hollywood Burger restaurant, located at 6250 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, provided the perfect backdrop for this star-studded event. With a mix of entertainment, sports, fashion, and photography, Hollywood Burger Live truly encapsulated the essence of the entertainment industry, bringing together a diverse range of talents and personalities under one roof. The event was a celebration of creativity, talent, and collaboration, showcasing the best of what the entertainment industry has to offer. Hollywood Burger Live was a testament to the power of community and connection, uniting individuals from various fields to create a memorable and engaging experience for all who attended.

Instagram Sheldon Bailey @bigshelbailey

Rod Benson @zsorryon

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