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Heart Of Hollywood Virtual Red Carpet: Best Dressed

During this pandemic, lockdowns are taking place around the world and many of us went through difficult times. On November 14 2020 we broadcast our Virtual Red Carpet event, and a dream came true. We saw the most beautiful collaboration of many countries. People from all over the world with different languages and different cultural backgrounds came together to express what we all have in common: our love for art, fashion and cinema, and our desire to share a message of hope and inspiration.

Our guests dress up for the occasion, shining like stars in their beautiful gowns and Tuxedos. We want to thank all our guest for attending this event and let you know that there are more virtual Red Carpets to come! So get ready.

And for all of our friends who wanted to attend the Virtual Red Carpet but missed it, we are working to have the event available to watch online soon.

Our Best Dressed winner received a pair of earrings from the Genesis Collection that BaroQco Jewelry exclusively created to have available in the Heart of Hollywood Online Shop:

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Louis Capizzi
Louis Capizzi
Nov 18, 2020

louis capizzi photographies création KIKI WANG

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