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Global Artist Managers

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Quresh sets a very high standard of integrity in the industry and prides on the fact that he will prefer being crudely honest with his clients than be sweetly dishonest.

It is interesting to learn that Quresh Songerwala too was fascinated about becoming an actor and tried his luck, it is in his struggle he realized the death of structured model/actor agencies.

He also noticed a lacuna in guidance to young-raw talented people, who were rising in number year after year and they had such enormous untapped potential.

Quresh then decided to launch his own talent agency; with an aim to do the best for those who want to make it big in the Indian Film and Fashion Industry.

He ensured via his firm Global Artist Managers to promote artists in acting, dancing, singing, models, production houses, ad agencies, event companies and built a strong clientele across India and Abroad.

Actress and model Yuvika Choudhry and Quresh Songerwala

Quresh’s firm Global Artist Manager is also associated with many renowned production houses as casting consultants. Mr. Songerwla’s first words of advice to newcomers is, “To be true to one’s own self and follow instinct while approaching a production house for work”. He also adds a word of caution – Do not be swayed by sweet promises.

It took two decades for Quresh’s Dreams to realize until last year two models won coveted titles in International Beauty Pageants.

Mr. Songerwala is amused at the Indian Film and Fashion Industry, for its glamour and that is what excites him, keeps him and his associates thriving to do better!

Quresh strongly believes “Money & Fame are less important over contributing to people’s lives and being accessible 24x7”

Quresh Songerwala Founder and Director (Talent) of ‘Global Artist Managers’ has been providing the choicest and top model talent for companies and Bollywood.

With unparalleled focus, determination, Quresh strives hard to showcase a diverse view of beauty and talent.

Courtesy photo: Quresh Songerwala

This industry veteran looked life head-on and earned success after his struggle to establish his own business and an agency, whose image is now linked with that of ravishing models and an exhilarating pool of talent.

Through the years, Quresh’s “Never Give Up” attitude has transformed him into a thorough professional, expanding his clientele to include the best in India as well as the international fashion world. Quresh is a very humble and easy approach talent hunter.

We would say, it is typically his very simple, yet to the point communication abilities; that have created his niche in the industry.


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