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CEO Deyra Corrales Shares Her Inspiration

By Jessica Ross

The story of Deyra Corrales begins in the Central American country of Nicaragua, where she would spend the vast majority of her childhood. Due to turmoil and the unstable state of the country however, her family made the difficult decision to leave everything behind, in pursuit of a better life in the United States.

At only 12 years old, unfamiliar with the language or culture, Deyra and her family began a new chapter of life in San Bernardino, California. This would prove through time to be one of many hardships that would arise for Deyra in the future.

Though this was a major change, it did not break Deyra’s spirit. On the contrary, it implored her to dream larger and set goals that seemed impossible before. In high school, Deyra became adamant on not only flourishing in her studies, but also immersing herself in the athletic programs. Eventually, her determination and drive played a crucial role in leading the girls soccer team of Cajon High School to win the state championship.

During that time however, another hurdle arose. At 15 years old, her parents divorced, leaving Deyra with the burden of having to overcome it all.

Nevertheless, she knew that her focus needed to stay on working hard to have a better future. Persistent on moving forward and setting new goals and aspirations for herself, Deyra began the early stages of her modeling career after high school. She soon found herself in modeling campaigns for Monster Energy, Tecate, Budweiser, and other notable brands. Meanwhile, she was starring in commercials and appearing on television shows.

From an outsider’s viewpoint, everything seemed perfect. Enviable even. Her beauty, her drive, her flourishing career. But inside, Deyra was fighting to overcome another major obstacle.


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The adventurous lifestyle of being a model brought with itself countless occasions to let loose. What seemed controllable at one point quickly spiraled into a deep abyss. Deyra found herself becoming more and more addicted to alcohol. The struggles of addiction were stopping her from reaching her full potential. And she was well aware of it.

Determined to overcome yet another hardship, Deyra put herself through rehabilitation. The struggles of addiction throughout time were becoming easier to conquer. Instead of dwelling in the past, she quickly began a new chapter in her life with the newly acquired knowledge of struggling with addiction.

Deyra’s ambitious attitude kept pushing her forward through the obstacles and eventually led her to attend Cal State Fullerton, where she would major in marketing and communications. After accumulating a vast knowledge of curriculum, she was destined to pave a new career path for herself.

She soon fulfilled the position of account executive at Liberman Broadcasting Corporation, where in only a matter of a year, she amassed $500,000 worth of media sales. Her relentlessness continued into her new position at the Spanish Broadcasting System, and in her four year tenure at the firm, Deyra was able to generate over $1.7 million in media sales.

These massive successes became proof that she was more than capable of beginning her own venture. Thus, Boss Pro Media was born. A results-driven marketing and ad agency that’s produces and distributes multi-media campaigns for business and brands. Throughout the years of operation, her company generated over $1.3 million in media sales and is on track to double that amount.

Having gone through a carousel of troubles and successes in life, Deyra’s passion has become sharing her knowledge of life and business acumen with entrepreneurs and determined individuals. She takes joy in iterating the importance of overcoming obstacles and foreseeing a brighter future. Thus, on the time that she has to spare, Deyra volunteers to travel and give guidance to women with addiction, making it her lifelong goal.

From a small town in Nicaragua, to the bustling city of Beverly Hills, the story of Deyra Corrales is one to aspire and one that inspires.

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