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Artist Subho Sarkar Is Inspired by the Culture and Landscapes of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Subho Sarkar decided to focus on art once he retired. Based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a country in the Persian Gulf, he delights and moves art lovers around the world with his talent and distinctive style.

“With retirement being right around the corner, I knew I'd finally have time to devote to learning more about my passion, creating art. This was a way to reinvent myself, to revitalize and live a life filled with colors rather in the black and white of corporate life,” he says. “Expressing myself with the help of my drawing has allowed me to capture my emotions and bring them to life via my different creations. After completing over 40 years of service in various sectors within the Kingdom of Bahrain, I turned to the arts completely. With almost no formal education in art, aside from having the chance to meet various inspirational sources along the way, success was uncertain.”

During his first years of schooling from Patha Bhavana, Shantiniketan, the prestigious institute of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, he did receive an initial sense of the importance of arts and creation. This started in his younger years, under the guidance and influence of various eminent Indian artists. He has pursued a career as a freelance artist for the last three years, and has come up with a range of original ideas and theories.

He uses mixed media as the greatest art tool. With the ability to use clay, textiles, acrylic, oil, charcoal, wire work and other elements to create different compositions, he creates extraordinary works for either sale or exhibition.

“Having lived the best half of my life in this Kingdom, I draw inspiration from its culture, people and landscape. From its beautiful mosques, to the deserts around Sakhir, the sunrises in Hidd or The Souq in Manama, every aspect of this Country has helped me to grow to be the artist I am today,” explains Sarkar.


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1. Interpretations ‘21, Bahrain Financial Harbour – Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, November 2021

2. Virtual Online Exhibitions – Ecuador, Mexico, India and Dubai (virtual due to covid-related restrictions), March 21-September 21, 2021

3. Sanskar Bharti, Gorakhpur UP, India, Celebration of Indian Art Online International Art Exhibition – Gorakhpur, January 2021

4. Creative Pearls II Online Painting Competition – Mumbai, January 2021

5. Creative Leaves IV Online Group & Solo Exhibitions – Mumbai, November-December 2020

6. Movimiento De Arts Emergente (MAE) Without Frontiers Virtual Art Exhibition – Mexico, November 2020

7. Worldwide Art Movement, Online Solo Art Show – November 2020

8. Kalaaakar Foundation, Aayaam Online Art Exhibition – New Delhi, October 2020

9. Vihar Lalit Kala Shikshak Sangh (VLKSS), 2nd National Online Art Exhibition – Bihar, October 2020

10. Focus Bangladesh, 5th Tune of Art International Online Festival 2020, Leonardo da Vinci Gallery – Bangladesh, September 2020

11. Vart-MANAS 5, National Online Art Contest & Exhibition – New Delhi, July 2020

12. IDFT- World’s largest Online Painting Competition – Mumbai, July 2020

13. Russia-India Cultural Exchange (RICE), The Online International Art Relay, “We Shall Overcome” – Kolkata, June 2020

14. Silver Easel 1st Painting Exhibition – Kolkata, February 2020

15. Moner Khoje-International Artists Group: Summer Art Show – Kolkata, May 2019

16. Russia-India Cultural Exchange (RICE), “Mother & Motherhood” – Kolkata, March 2019

17. Creation-International Painting & Sculpture Exhibition – Kolkata, March 2019.

18. Group Exhibition: Samay Foundation – January 2019.

19. International Art Exhibition: Suvo’s Art Exhibition – Kolkata, November 2018 (organizer and exhibitor)

20. Strokes and Strikes, Group Exhibition: Gallery Gold – Kolkata, August 2018.

21. Pragati Kala Ratna Award, Painting Exhibition & Competition: Pragati Foundation – Kolkata, August 2018.

22. Group Exhibition of Painting, Sculptures & Photography: Colors & Canvas – July 2018.

23. Rang-Be-Rang Exhibition & Workshop: BM Fine Arts – Kolkata, June 2018.


1. Front cover design and artwork: Aboshe, a Bengali novel by author Shankar Talukdar. Published and released by the Kolkata Book Fair, 2018.

2. Sharod Arghyo, a Bengali community magazine. Published in New York, October 2018.

Contact Subho Sarkar

Phone: 00973-34598040


Reds in the Blood Moon

In the backdrops of the night sky, the artist has recreated the magical beauty of the red forest during a blood moon night. With the vibrant colors used, the Artist portrays the enchantment of the forests in the hours of darkness kindled only by the rare blood moon.

Artist: Subho Sarkar

Size: 100cm x 120cm

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Price: $1200.00

Nebula – Spirals of Life

In the vast expanse of within our Galaxy, the Nebula is often considered an important part of the ever-growing and chemical evolution of our galaxy. The artist draws inspiration from the physical appearance of the nebula to represent the different stages of life, or the cycle of life, birth, growth, death and reincarnation. Spiritually, the spiral represents a connectivity with the divine, spiraling from the outer ego (the outside world) into the inner soul (cosmic awareness and enlightenment). The spiral represents evolution and growth of the spirit. It is a symbol of change and development.

Artist: Subho Sarkar

Size: 100cm x 120cm

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Price: $1000.00

Talent That Incites Reflection

Artist Subho Sarkar and poet Dr. Tapati Sinha jointly created art that invites the audience to reflect on the beauty of nature and the way it is being jeopardized.


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