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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

By K. Busch

One of Entertainment’s biggest contributors is Mr. Bruce Nahin, Co-founder and former CEO of the well-known Chippendales, member of the Producers Guild of Americans SAG/AFTRA as well as lecturing and mentoring at the prestigious UCLA.

Mr. Nahin practiced law for over 30 years and specialized in Entertainment Law, particularly live music and entertainment.

He was also appointed by the first mayor of the city of Santa Clarita to serve and contribute in areas pertaining to film permits, set logistics, and site management.

Mr. Nahin also belongs to Entertainment Support Services as a partner which serves as a firm that provides various services in consulting for Production Development and Business Affairs to TV, Film and Music.

Bruce Nahin is often described as being a prolific Business Affairs consultant and Executive Producer with over 300 IMDB credit to his name.

Nahin is also involved in approximately 30 projects per year and will provide the project with stellar advice pertaining to the business of filmmaking.

Nahin expresses his love of mentoring and teaching young filmmakers which is one of the reasons why he now works almost exclusively with Indie productions.

Fans of Entertainment have reached out from all over to compile questions for Mr. Nahin in this special interview with one of Entertainment’s biggest contributors and below are some of the questions and his responses:

What made you decide to co-found Chippendales?

I met the new owner of Destiny Two( to be renamed Chippendales) on Overland. We Hit it off. My dad(actually me) was a lawyer and began to help him during his re purchase of his partner’s interest in the club. We decided to give him the money to do so thus obtaining our 10% I was literally studying for the bar at a bar. I bought the bar and passed the bar. While studying for law school

What was your inspiration for co-founding Chippendales? Truthfully the idea of being a lawyer at my dad’s law firm wasn’t how I saw my future. I wanted to be in the entertainment industry and this gave me sort of a foothold. One day when we(several of us) were discussing new names for Destiny II, my ADD kicked in and I said why not name the club after the extensive furniture we just bought for the new design. The furniture was of the Chippendales style. We were struggling to fill the club up with patrons. We were busy on Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays but it was basically quiet the rest of the time. We tried dinner theater, magic shows, even Frank Sinatra jr. We were introduced to the idea of mud wrestling and that promoter, Paul Snyder together with his wife Dorothy Stratton suggested male stripping for women

Henry from Colorado asks, where did you go to Law School?

I attended Loyola University here in Los Angeles. It was a part of Loyola Marymount University

Julie from Michigan asks, what kind of mentoring services do you offer or do?

I love teaching and mentoring. It is generally free but we do a program where young filmmakers pay us monthly to help them produce their films. We meet weekly. I provide directions, templates and the life

Do you have a favorite actor or actress?

I tend to like actors who make you forget they are acting. The show Billions with Damion Lewis and au Giamatti is wonderful as each of the actors really absorb the character and pull you in

Do you have a favorite movie?

I just love watching Top Gun over and over. For a love story nothing is better than Pure Country staring a very young George Strait

Jodi from Indiana writes in to ask, did you work with Hugh Hefner? If so, what was that like?

Yes, he taught me trademark licensing. A true gentleman and loving mentor, not at all like his image

Do you have a favorite hobby?

I am an avid Yelper. I have about 700 reviews. Love checking out new finds with friends and writing reviews

What are your current goals or ambitions?

For my mentees to go on to tremendous success. I read a sign once that said “be the person you needed when you were younger” and took that to heart.

What was your favorite thing about being a lawyer?

I love helping people achieve their best

What’s something that you have rarely told anyone about yourself?

I love the ferris wheel in Santa Monica. Go there whenever I am stressed. The view of the ocean from up there is amazing

What’s your biggest strength?

I work well under pressure. It makes me a great set executive. Love working with my producers and director in achieving our goals

What’s your biggest weakness?

I overextend myself in helping people. There are so many needs and I have a problem saying no

Janet from Missouri asks, What’s your favorite part of the Entertainment Industry?

I love both development and shoot times. Exciting to see our art come to life. But its all about helping people become the best they can be

Do you have a favorite band or musician?

I could listen to Jackson Browne and garth brooks all day.

Describe the perfect day, how would the weather be and what would you be doing?

It is beach weather and I am at the pier decompressing

Do you have any travel destinations that you would like to visit?

I love to go back to Moab and really visit each of the parks there

What’s your favorite food or drink?

I love soul food, a good steak and great pasta

What’s your favorite season? Why?

I love spring, the flowers the weather

Have you ever binge-watched a series?

I just finished White Lotus and before that was American Gods. I love quirky stuff

Additional information: How Can Others Find You?

I am on Instagram @brucenahin and would love to hear from you all there. We promote our followers. extensively My phone is 661 236 9721 Email

Image Credit: Bruce Nahin


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Feb 16

The interview with Bruce Nahin, former CEO and co-founder of Chippendales, offers valuable insights into the history and evolution of the iconic entertainment brand. Just as we strive to understand our clients' needs and prioritize their interests, Nahin's journey exemplifies entrepreneurship and determination in creating a successful venture. At The Law Office of Paul Mankin, we appreciate the diverse experiences and perspectives that contribute to our understanding of various industries and sectors. From advocating for our clients' rights to navigating complex legal processes, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes with transparency and integrity. As we reflect on Nahin's achievements, we are reminded of the importance of innovation, resilience, and ethical leadership in business endeavors. Remember, consultations at…


I'm a big fan of Mr. Bruce Nahin and I'm so happy you managed to reach out to him. I love your line of questioning and your writing. I'm looking forward to more of these. You remind me alot of Jane Austen, one of the greatest writers of all time.

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