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What Our Clients Say

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Heart Of Hollywood Magazine 

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Joanne Singleton

Author/Screenwriter/Legal Field/Real Estate

" I have had the sincere honor of being involved with the Heart of Hollywood Magazine since the summer of 2021, being interviewed and sharing my publications in 2 editions of their magazine.  I am also engaged with their online blog and book store, which offers signed copies of my published books.  Participating as a speaker for their Spring Launch, connected me with brilliant members of the panel sharing their journey and experiences, chosen and led by Giovanna.  My experience with the Heart of Hollywood magazine family has been nothing short of spectacular.  Their professionalism, kind-heartedness and global culture sets the perfect stage for their true devotion to fashion, entertainment, travel and empowerment.  Giovanna has achieved full coverage in all aspects of the industry, taking time and appreciation in every encounter, and showing respect to all, which in turn has led to its great success.  It has been an honor to be a part of the Heart of Hollywood Magazine, and I am always grateful when I receive compliments of its elite status." 

- Joanne Singleton

Photograph: Kevin Clark Studios

Mariano Saulino

Film Composer 

"Heart of Hollywood Magazine is such a great resource. I feel so proud of being featured and  I keep on getting wonderful feedback from filmmakers and the public alike for this interview! Thank you Heart Of Hollywood Magazine. You guys are opening new horizons for all of us in the film industry."

- Mariano Saulino

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Scott Stoltz




"In the entertainment business, it is all about building relationships. I have been fortunate to have built an incredible relationship with the team at “Heart of Hollywood Magazine”.

I would like to take this time to personally thank, CEO and Owner, Giovanna Salas and Bruce Conklin, Executive Producer for their unprecedented support and efforts for our projects that have been a part of The Heart of Hollywood Magazine, Blog, Virtual Meetings, Interviews and posts on social media. 


The HOH team have always gone above and beyond to do their very best in promoting my feature films that are out now globally. As well as the projects in pre-production, “Recording in Progress 2” and “Six Bullets to White Rock”. 

They have showcased our music documentary, “Recording in Progress” on a multitude of occasions, impacted and causing spikes in viewership, rentals, purchases and awareness of the film that it impacted the quarterly revenue positively. 


They also made sure they were there to support my co-executive producer and supporting actress for my western “Six Bullets to White Rock”, while they were in Hollywood for a post Oscar Gift Suite and Red Carpet After Party. 


They are truly one of the most amazing and reliable companies that I have worked with to date. What comes to mind when I think of them? Gratitude, loyalty, integrity, equality and that they always deliver to a large growing global audience. 


Thank you, “Heart of Hollywood Magazine”, truly grateful!."

- Scott Stoltz


Douglas Kampner


"Heart Of Hollywood Magazine opened my eyes to how to market and advertise your brand image as an actor. The help I received from the staff was outstanding and customer service friendly in all aspects of building a relationship that will be helpful with the development of my image as an actor, model, artist, or entertainer. 

I genuinely believe that the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, as a reference guide to Hollywood, will create an identity for future projects.

Looking forward to working with them in the near future and would advise anyone within the entertainment industry to advertise with Heart Of Hollywood Magazine." 

- Douglas Kampner

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Gerardo Ortiz Mildare


"The Heart of Hollywood staff were incredibly kind and patient and made sure I got a copy of the magazine in Mexico City. Giovanna Salas, the CEO, personally kept in touch with me via WhatsApp throughout the process and even sent me a personalised note. I really admire her commitment and passion towards the magazine. Oh, and the magazine was simply divine, it's got a really nice finish!." 


- Gerardo Ortiz Mildare

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