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About Our Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures Founder  and Heart Of Hollywood Magazine 


Meet Giovanna Salas 

Brief Description: 

Giovanna believes that success and social responsibility go hand in hand. In order to give back to the community, she has founded several organizations to support talent and open doors to all within the Hollywood entertainment industry. She is proud of her reputation for being inclusive by promoting multicultural diversity. 

Her ability to organize, problem-solve and direct teams eventually led her to found her own entertainment company, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures, based in Los Angeles U.S. 

The company offers production services for filmmakers and has a growing networking platform for talented professionals working in every aspect of the entertainment industry.


“Art does not have a genre of sex or country” - Giovanna Salas 

  • Heart of Hollywood Motion Pictures, LLC Founder

  • Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Publisher 

  • Has been featured internationally in newspapers and appeared on podcasts, radio, and television shows in the U.S., UK, Asia  Europe, and Latin America 

  • Featured on the cover of London’s “South Central” magazine

  • Featured recognizing her work with fashion in the Le Mans, France Fashion Show 2019

  • Recognized by the City of Los Angeles for her leadership as a film producer, consultant, business strategist, and businesswoman

  • Screenwriter for TV - Series “Hollywood Or Bust”  

  • She has participated as a guest speaker, panelist, and MC. in different venues

  • All Media Services LLC - Spain - Filmmaker Consultant

  • Fun fact she loves theatrical plays and art 


Filmmaker Experience 


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