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About the Event

Welcome to the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Catrinas and Catrines Gala, a vibrant celebration of Día De Los Muertos that pays homage to the rich traditions and cultural diversity of the Hispanic community. This exclusive event is tailored for industry professionals in filmmaking, the fashion industry, music, talent, and related fields. It's a night of glamour, culture, and remembrance that brings together the most influential and creative minds in the industry.

Why Sponsor the Drink Experience?

We invite you to become the official Drink Sponsor for this unique event. Your brand's presence will enhance the guest experience and offer numerous benefits:

  • Exclusive Exposure: Your brand will be prominently featured in all event materials, ensuring a direct association with the gala's elegance and cultural richness.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, filmmakers, fashion icons, musicians, and talented individuals who share a passion for creativity and innovation.

  • Social Media Spotlight: Leverage our strong online presence to engage with a global audience and create lasting impressions.

  • Media Recognition: Benefit from extensive media coverage, including features in reputable publications and broadcasts.

  • VIP Access and Event Tickets

  • In addition to the above benefits, as our Exclusive Restaurant Partner for the Catrinas and Catrines Gala, you will receive:

  • VIP Access Area: Your restaurant will have an exclusive VIP area at the Catrinas and Catrines Gala, providing a premium space for your guests to enjoy your cuisine and hospitality.

Exclusive Benefits for Our Drink Sponsor

  • Step and Repeat Banner: Your brand's logo prominently displayed on the event's step and repeat banner, ensuring maximum visibility for all event photos and media coverage.

  • Magazine Advertisement: A full-page advertisement placement in the inside pages of Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, reaching our sophisticated and engaged readership.

  • Blog Feature: An exclusive write-up article about your brand in the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine blog, showcasing your story, values, and your role in celebrating culture and creativity.


Join the Celebration

At Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, we believe in the power of storytelling and cultural appreciation. By becoming the Drink Sponsor for the Catrinas and Catrines Gala, you'll be an integral part of a memorable celebration of life, creativity, and heritage.

Get In Touch

Let's discuss how this partnership can be tailored to meet your specific brand goals. Please contact us at (323) 705-2111 to explore the details of the Catrinas and Catrines Gala Drink Sponsorship and learn how we can help make this event a unique experience for all our guests.


We're thrilled to have you as part of this cultural celebration and look forward to creating unforgettable memories together.



Giovanna Salas | Event Producer 

(323) 705-2111

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine 

Catrinas & Catrines Gala - Drinks

10 000,00$ Prix original
5 000,00$Prix promotionnel
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