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The digital publication is an article, interview, advertorial ad or press release that is published in our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine blog for a time frame of three months, and we will send you a digital link of the publication so you can use it in your promotions and social media kit. 



2000 Word Count 

5 Photographs 

1 Video Link 

Contact Information 

Social Media and Website Hyperlinks


Benefits of Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Blog Publishing Digitally

  1. Instantaneous Access to your content 
  2. Portable and Convenient to mobile, laptops and desktop devices connected to the internet 
  3. Global Presence
  4. Interactivity digital publications provide a better user experience
  5. Analytics track your reader's views 
  6. Sustainability
  7. Monetization we can add hyperlinks to your page or products 
  8. Easy to Update




Blog Publication

1 600,00$ Prix original
1 500,00$Prix promotionnel
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