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This is an opportunity to have a big-picture discussion of your business and its current focus, and to establish your goals.

For more information call (323) 705 – 2111 


I appreciate your interest in private coaching. I work with different industry professionals in film. I also work with start-up businesses and help with the creation of new brands and personal image development.

With my experience in the field, working in the entertainment industry, I have helped actors, fashion designers, models, writers, film directors, and producers. I do not have decades of experience in the industry, but in a short period of time, I have managed to learn what you need to become successful in Hollywood.


I have excellent references from clients who have implemented my suggestions and made progress in their careers. You’re your coaching begins, I see you not only as a client, but as a person I truly want to see succeed.


Let me help you accomplish your goals and dreams in the industry by offering you knowledge and guidance over a period of time that is convenient for you.


I look forward to offering you a no-pressure Introductory Consultation, and moving forward from there.


  • Giovanna Salas, Film Producer

Introductory Consultation (45 Min)

200,00$ Prix original
160,00$Prix promotionnel
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