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This is a networking online event. Everyone is welcome. There is no sales pitch, just a group of people interested in the entertainment industry coming together to make new friends and contacts, meet the people featured in the magazine, and welcome the new year.  Is going to be exciting! 


Platform: Zoom, once you purchased your ticket you will receive the access link to join


Coach and Speaker Loren Michaels Harris Discusses Self-Acceptance and Positivity


Volunteering Offers Educational and Networking Opportunities


A Thought-Provoking TV Series about Pervasive Problems


Art from India and a Bollywood-Bound Hollywood Actor

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Issue # 17

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The following are featured in issue #18 of the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine. January - March 2022

1. Loren Michaels Harris - Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Cover Model

2. Sandra Rodríguez - Editors Letter

3. Tabitha E. Estevens Author

4. Daphne Matthews - Actress

5. Keith Thornton - Non Profit

6. Eric Vollweiler - Producer-Film Festival Promoter

7. Tetyana Betlinelli - Fashion Designer

8. Diego Torres Kuri - Actor

9. Tim Ray - Entrepreneur

10. Ashley Furst - Singer

11. Diego Valdez - Actor-Model-Artist

12. Hugo Arvizu - Cinematographer

13. Chesney Claire - Singer-Songwriter

14. Cherami - Writer

15. Viannk Mansur Diseñadora - Fashion Designer

16. Jade Sims - TV Host-Model-Actress

17. Martin Solo - Car Collector

18. Subho Sarkar - Artist

19. Chase Baxter - Producer Director

20. Karen D. Neal - Actress

21. Natha Fubbie - Model

22. Sudeep Deshpande - Artist

23. Mark Hattas - Entrepreneur

24. BaroQco - Jewelry Couture

25. Timothy Johnson - Entrepreneur

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine is devoted to fashion, entertainment, travel and empowerment.

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine

Heart Of Hollywood Cover Model January March 2022

Loren Michael Harris

Magazine Editor: Sandy Rodriguez

Production Coordinator: Giovanna Salas

Photographer: Steven Means

Director of Photography: Hugo Arvisu

Makeup Artist: Sandra Galdamez

Production Assistant: Markus Herrera

Sponsor: Rule Number 5

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Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Launch Party Jan-Mar 2022

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