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Description: This is our Apr-June digital issue. 


About Us 

A magazine devoted to Fashion, Entertainment, Travel and Empowerment. Heart Of Hollywood Magazine has a global network, and now everyone can afford a high-quality ad to create more brand awareness.


Most of our readers are in the United States, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mexico, where there is a high demand for our magazine.


We have had the pleasure of having our magazines presented to some of the industry’s elite, including Academy Award-Winning Director Quentin Tarantino, Award-Winning Actress Nichelle Nichols, Hollywood legend Patrick Kilpatrick and Golden Globes judge Gilda Lappe. We’re adding more to the list every day.


Our magazine is availble in print and digital version. 


Advertise with us today! 

Office: (323) 204 - 3133

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Digital Magazine

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