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Introducing the Enhanced Executive Sponsor Package: Elevate Your Brand Beyond Expectations!

Get ready to leave a lasting impression and connect with a vast audience like never before! Our Enhanced Executive Sponsor Package takes your brand to new heights, ensuring unparalleled visibility and prominence at our prestigious event. This exceptional package offers a remarkable array of benefits, designed to elevate your brand's impact and reach.


Front Row Seating: Enjoy ultra-exclusive front-row seating with personalized nameplates, giving you and your esteemed guests the best view of the fashion and entertainment extravaganza.

5 VIP Tickets: Revel in the VIP treatment with five premium tickets, granting you and your esteemed guests exclusive access to the heart of the event.

2 VIP Backstage Tickets: Experience a behind-the-scenes tour and access to the backstage of the fashion show, witnessing the magic of the event unfold.

Logo Placement on Main Event Banner: Your brand's logo will take center stage on the main event banner, commanding attention and making a bold statement to all attendees and media.

Red Carpet List: Secure an exclusive spot on the highly-coveted red carpet list, providing your brand with an A-list experience and celebrity-worthy exposure.

Company Representative Interview: Showcase your brand's captivating story and visionary insights through a dedicated interview at the event, connecting with influential personalities and the media, amplifying your brand's authority and impact.

Event Mentioning & Promotion: Experience extensive event mentioning across our high-traffic website, influential social media channels, and within Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, captivating a wide and engaged audience.

Event Speaking Promotion Opportunity: Take center stage and share your brand's expertise and insights with our captivated audience, establishing your brand as an industry leader and leaving a lasting impact.

2 Pages Advertising Ad: Make a resounding impact with a full-page advertising ad featured in both the print and digital editions of Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, reaching a diverse audience of fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals.

1 Blog Write-up: Enjoy a dedicated and expertly-crafted blog post that shines a spotlight on your company or brand, fueling excitement and interest around your brand.

Executive Sponsors VIP Assigned Area: Experience VIP luxury with a dedicated and exclusive area, providing you and your guests an unparalleled experience throughout the event.

Social Media Promotion: Benefit from extensive social media promotion across our platforms, exposing your brand to a broader online audience and increasing brand visibility.

Additionally, you'll receive these exclusive benefits:

Exclusive Press Release: A tailored press release will be sent to all event attendees, introducing your company and creating awareness of your presence at the event.

Exclusive Video Of Your Company: Highlight your company with an exclusive video that showcases your brand's essence, along with the raw footage for future marketing purposes.

Video Copy: Relive the magic and success of the event with a professional video copy, capturing every highlight and emotion, a valuable asset for your brand's future promotions.

Event Streaming & Sharing: Our skillfully streamed event footage will be available on our website, allowing you to share captivating highlights on your social media platforms and in emails to valued customers and employees, extending your brand's reach.

Promotional Material Listing: As an esteemed event sponsor, your company or brand will be prominently listed in all promotional materials, including event signage and press releases, further boosting your brand's exposure.

Thank You Email & Photo Gallery: After the event, receive a heartfelt thank you email from us, along with a photo gallery of branded materials and event highlights, reinforcing our appreciation for your valued partnership.

Deluxe Gift Bag with High-End Fashion Show Merchandise: Receive a deluxe gift bag filled with exclusive high-end fashion show merchandise, a token of our gratitude for your support.

We are thrilled to embark on this extraordinary journey with you! The Enhanced Executive Sponsor Package promises an unforgettable experience, propelling your brand to the pinnacle of success. Join us in celebrating fashion, entertainment, and excellence at its finest.

Executive Sponsor Package: Elevate Your Brand Beyond Ex

35 000,00$ Prix original
30 000,00$Prix promotionnel
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