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We are delighted to invite your esteemed brand to become the Goody Bag Sponsor for our prestigious Catrinas and Catrines Gala, a vibrant celebration of Día De Los Muertos tailored for industry professionals in filmmaking, the fashion industry, music, talent, and related fields.

About the Catrinas and Catrines Gala

This gala is a cultural extravaganza that brings together influential industry professionals, celebrities, and creatives to honor Hispanic traditions and celebrate the beauty of Día De Los Muertos. It's a night of glamour, culture, and remembrance, where we pay homage to the memories of loved ones who have passed on while connecting with our rich heritage.

Why Be Our Goody Bag Sponsor?

Becoming the official Goody Bag Sponsor offers your brand an opportunity to align with our celebration of culture, creativity, and elegance. Your support will enhance the guest experience and offer several advantages:

  • Brand Exposure: Your brand's logo will be prominently displayed on the goody bags, ensuring that your name is associated with the glamour and cultural richness of Hollywood.

  • Prominent Placement: Your promotional materials, products, or exclusive offers will be included in the goody bags, providing a tangible and memorable touchpoint for event attendees.

  • Social Media Promotion: We have a strong online presence, and your brand will be promoted across our various social media platforms, reaching a global audience.

  • Recognition: Your brand will be recognized in our event materials and may be featured in event-related blog posts and articles.


Get In Touch

Let's discuss how this partnership can be tailored to meet your specific brand goals. Please contact us at (323) 705-2111 to explore the details of the Catrinas and Catrines Gala gift bag Sponsorship and learn how we can help make this event a unique experience for all our guests.


We're thrilled to have you as part of this cultural celebration and look forward to creating unforgettable memories together.



Giovanna Salas | Event Producer 

(323) 705-2111

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine 

Catrinas & Catrines Gala - Gift Bag

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