Price List 

Announcement within pages.


Option A:

One-time print publication price list + tax.

Featured only once in 1 magazine.

Full page $ 500.00

Half page $ 300.00

Quarter page $ 175.00



Option B:

Annual publication.

Featured 4 times in four different magazines + Featured in the digital blog magazine.

4 full pages $ 250 each page.

2 bonus articles on the digital blog.


Bi-monthly payment plan. 6 months of $ 250.00 + taxes.


In option B you will maximize your image and exposure throughout the year.

If you choose option B, we will send you an invoice via PayPal.


Option C: Digital Publishing


Call now to know the prices of all our services (323) 705-2111.


Heart Of Hollywood Magazine cover

Back cover of Heart Of Hollywood Magazine 

15-minute interview. You can choose between 3 different Videocasts to appear.


Social media campaign pack.


Marketing and advertising consultation.


Event planning and ticket sales.


Other services


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