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Updated: Oct 19

Hello to all from around the world. I know you have probably seen some of our newsletters in regard to the Heart Of Hollywood Virtual Red Carpet. You may be wondering, What will this be like? Or, What's in it for me? Or possibly, Why should I attend? Firstly, let me tell you that your support is immensely important at this point in time, more than ever before. You will play a very important role by supporting artists that have been, and still are, impacted by COVID-19.

The entertainment sector is, for many, the field in which they work full-time, the industry that allows them to make a living. Heart Of Hollywood has always helped artists by creating a worldwide platform for networking, collaboration and unity.

Our platform is for all ages and, even when the times are tough, we need to continue inspiring, especially the young. Our purpose is to share positive energy. When you purchase your ticket, your are also providing moral support and a reason to move forward in regard to creativity. You are allowing our company to remain afloat so that we can continue hiring staff members and keeping our team working. Your role is very important, and if you can support us, please do it.

During the event, you will also be exposed to new ideas, get inspired and feel more motivated to be creative and work on your own projects. We have been working remotely for the last three months, along with many others worldwide, to put together content for you to enjoy and experience at our virtual red carpet event.

Please take a moment to consider supporting this event, If you want more information and learn more about what we have done in the past for you to feel more confident about your decision to support us, we will be more than happy to share additional info with you. You can support us by buying a ticket or becoming our sponsor. If you need a discount, we can work with you. The important thing to keep in mind is that if you want to be at the event, you will be at the event.

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