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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

At the Age of 12, Alejandra Torregrosa Jimenez Has Been Featured in Numerous Runways and Publications

Twelve-year-old Alejandra Torregrosa Jimenez was born in Fort Worth, Texas and is of Puerto Rican descent. Prior to living in Cleveland, Ohio, Alejandra, along with her mom and two dogs, lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area.

She started a successful modeling career at the young age of seven, and was enrolled in The Malls of America Model and Talent Search Competition, in Fort Worth, Texas. She was the Runner-Up in the 5- to 15-year-old age group category. After that, she briefly modeled for her aunt's photo studio, Xtrike A Pose Photography, as a featured model for her photo ads.

Photo Credits: Shandra C Jimenez Torregrosa - SCJ Photography and Mike Chaiken, Fashion Photographer

Alex, as Alejandra is called by those closest to her, earned a Certificate of Professional Runway Modeling through Plitzs/Fashion Democracy thanks to training provided by her Plitzs modeling coach, Wayne Shields. Since then, she has participated in two Plitzs/ Fashion Democracy Virtual Runway Shows/Competitions, one in the summer of 2020 and the other in winter of 2021. In both, she came in as Runner-Up in her age category.

After her appearance in the 2020 summer show, she was discovered by America’s Next Top Model Victoria Henley, through her professional modeling and acting Instagram page. Alejandra was invited to be a featured model in Victoria’s Magnifique Runway Show & Competition in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, in May 2021. She was happy to participate, and will actually be participating in this event again in December 2022 in Gulfport, Mississippi.

During Alejandra’s 2021 modeling circuit, aside from participating in the Magnifique Runway Show, she also participated in some of the world’s biggest runway shows as a featured model. She was on the runway at NYFW in September 2021, and walked for such designers as AMOT Apparel– she’s also featured on their website– and Young Gods at The Fashion Life Tour and Small Boutique Fashion Shows. In LAFW, in October 2021, she walked for Melissa Kids Boutique and was also a featured model at Ohio Fashion Week.

“Since then, my small family and I have moved to Cleveland, Ohio to further my career, after signing with Discovered Model and Scouting Management along with my momager, Shandra Jimenez Torregrosa,” Alex says. She has since gotten new management with Holland & Holland Model Consulting, and will soon have an agent with Bellah Modeling Agency.

Since 2021, Alejandra has had a packed schedule due to working in modeling, all the while keeping an A/B honor GPA. In February 2022, she returned to NYFW, and participated in the Plitzs/Fashion Democracy Fashionista's International Runway Show, as a featured model, in New York City. She earned this through her participation in the Plitzs/Fashion Democracy Virtual Runway Shows/Competitions. Also upon her return to NYFW, she again walked for her modeling tour company, The Fashion Life Tour, as well as for the IndieFash Runway Show, and there she walked for CaCosh Kid’s Fashions as a featured model. At NYFW, Alejandra walked the International Beautifully You Runway Show and was a featured model for upscale fashion house Robert’s Creations.

Alejandra’s 2022 modeling circuit began with NYFW in February 2022. She recently walked the prestigious HiTechModa Runway show in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she wore one of two Ukraine-inspired dresses designed by Ukrainian child fashion designer Maria Minster and made by host fashion designer Melanie Caballero. Wearing this design garnered international attention and Alejandra will be published not only in Ukrainian magazines, but also in magazines across Europe.

She plans on returning to both NYFW and LAFW in the summer of 2022, but before that she will walk a Women’s Empowerment Runway show in August.

Alex is also a child performer and actress, and has a movie and a commercial set for production in 2022. The movie production is titled The Woodsman, by Spencer Entertainment. As for the commercial, the production company is still in the process of greenlighting its filming. Alejandra hopes all of this will lead to other exciting roles. She loves horror films and also wants to work in action, anime, and superhero movies.

Alejandra is additionally starting out as a social media fashion influencer on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and a brand ambassador for AMOT Apparel.

The young star was a featured model in the July 2021 issue of CT Fashion Magazine Online, which she earned for her portfolio in Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Runway Show. Since then, Alejandra’s been published in CT Fashion Magazine Online 10 times. She posed for CT Fashion Magazine Online for an editorial spread during NYFW in February 2022. Most recently again, she worked alongside her cousin Luna Sophia Lugo. Together, they were featured models and posed for CT Fashion Magazine in a Puerto Rico Summer Editorial Layout. She’s also been published as a featured model in Ylle Fashion Magazine (August 2021), ModStyle (July 2021), and Haute Ohio Fashion Magazine (September 2021). She’s appeared in five Getty Images to date, between NYFW and LAFW.

“In my modeling career so far, I have been lucky to meet and work with awesome people and wonderful models who enhance the modeling world. People such as America’s Next Top Model Courtney DuPerow, or Olivia DePiore, Down Syndrome advocate and Miss Ohio Amazing and International Runway Model. They are both my friends and are in my management firm with me, my runway coach, Kiara Belen who is America’s Next Top Model and CEO to The Fashion Life Tour, and of course, my modeling mentor, Victoria Henley, America’s Next Top Model and IHeart Radio host. These highly talented beauties have all empowered me and are all teaching me and helping me to shape myself as the model and role model that I want to become”, says Alejandra.

When she gets older, along with modeling and acting, Alejandra is considering a career as a marine biologist. She would also love to become a fashion designer like her grandmother, who was both a fashion designer and model in Puerto Rico.

“I would love to keep her memory alive through my fashions. I hope that I am making her proud of me up from heaven, not only because of my modeling and wanting to be a fashion designer like she was, but also because I would like to think she’s proud of me for being a good human being,” says Alejandra.

Her mother, who is a federal interpreter and translator, as well as a subtitle translator, was a professional sports photographer. Along with CT Fashion Magazine photographer and publisher, Mike Chaiken, Alex’s mom is her main photographer.

“So you can say fashion runs In the family,” says the young model. “My family is very important to me. I love traveling. I take yearly trips with my family to Puerto Rico and Disney World. I am hoping our small family can go to Scotland next year. I would love to try out for my mom's favorite show, Outlander, while we are there. I have an older sister, Natalia, and two brothers, Sebastian and Marcelo, who are my biological siblings. I also have an adopted sister, Kiki, who's 25 and through her, I have two adopted nieces. I have lots of relatives both in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and in San Francisco, California, whom I miss so much.”

Alejandra has three causes that are very close to her heart. One is animal well-being. The others are brain tumor awareness, Alzheimers, and Dementia, issues that are very personal and have touched her family.

“Now that I will be more in the public eye as a model and actress, I would like to use my celebrity to bring those causes to my audience and bring public awareness to them,” states Alejandra. Being in modeling, she’s learned that the field is so much more than skin deep. Modeling has changed drastically and it has become a very inclusive industry, welcoming people of all shapes or sizes, disabilities, and genders or sexual preferences of al kinds. She’s proud to be a part of this.

“Modeling is about having that confidence to go out there and show the world what you’ve got and slay that runway. It is our job as models to show that different is beautiful!,” claims Alejandra, who believes that being real, being yourself, being kind and being a good person is also very important. She wants to be a role model to those who are younger than her. She makes it a point to make friends with other models and cheer them on for their accomplishments. Her advice to younger models is, “Don’t let your modeling change you. Always be kind, be yourself, and cheer each other on.”

Her mom, Alejandra says, has taught her that along with celebrity comes responsibility. “Our responsibility is to empower one another, not tear each other down”, Alex says.

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