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Women In Media Spotlight: Tavia MD

When Tavia MD joined Thisis50 in 2015, they had success in attaining interviews from up-and-coming artists and the G Unit roster. In 6 months, she expanded their reach to trending artists and reality TV stars like Cardi B, Waka Flaka, Tami Rivera, and Cyn Santana. In 1 year, Tavia consistently booked A-List celebrities and vital artists like TI and Jeezy. Tavia managed the Thisis50 social media pages during the pandemic and created the IGTV series. At the time, Thisis50 had a cumulative following of about 200k followers. Within the span of 18months, the page grew up to 807k followers. Tavia has amassed over 1 million views on the interviews she has organized and landed coverage on Press Junkies for movies and television shows.

Tavia MD is a modern example of how women can truly have it all with enough drive and hard work. In-between running her all- female-staff PR company, she squeezes in time to work on private ventures such as writing her new book, Sex Isn’t The Way To Love. From arranging a specially curated SXSW showcase to speaking out about charitable causes she believes in, Tavia MD tends to collect victories along the way. As a leader in the business, Tavia has flawlessly handled the African-American Press for films Spiral, Questlove’s Summer of Soul, and Time.

She has secured clients on sought-after platforms like MTV, BET Revolt Summit, and award shows. Tavia MD’s reach also extends to the online community, whereas an executive producer, she is responsible for attaining 1 million interview views on and IGTV. While others use her as motivation for themselves to never give up, Tavia MD shares her own inspirations, which include Jay-Z, Diddy, and 50 Cent, powerhouses in their own right. As TaviaMD continues to expand, she does too through continuing to learn any skill necessary to ensure her success while never forgetting where she started and where she wants to be.

Keep up to date by visiting or connecting on Instagram @taviamd

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