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Women In Media Spotlight: Brittany Miller, Owner and CEO of Brittany Miller Brand PR Firm

Brittany Miller is the Owner and CEO of Brittany Miller Brand PR Firm @team.brittanymillerbrand, housing all-female Publicists and Interns, as well as serving all-female and media, small business, and celebrity clients. Brittany Miller is a dedicated mother, wife, entrepreneur, journalist, graphic designer, consultant, creative director, ghostwriter, and more! She is the Editor in Chief and publisher of Woman to Woman Talk Magazine, Owner of @bosslady.blvd Boss Lady Blvd, creator of @theflowhersawards The Flowhers Awards and Founder of @letsbewomeninc Let’s BeWomen, Inc.

Brittany has mastered the art of women empowerment, collaboration and business, especially when it comes to Public Relations and Branding. She has created a one-stop-shop model for women in business to soar and accelerate in whatever it is that they do! She has managed to provide almost every business service needed for owners, with the exception of law and photography, which she has preferred vendors and partners that are affiliated with her company.

Brittany quit her job back in 2013 and has never clocked in anywhere else since. She has built her network and platform organically, to be an extremely valuable asset to her clients and affiliates. Most of the work Brittany does was self-taught and due to heavy supply and demand; and she has managed to save and teach the blueprints to train and build her growing team.

You are extremely multitalented, how do you balance career and family life?

Honestly, it’s really hard. As soon as I seem to get into a rhythm, my demands shift again and I have to create a new rhythm lol. —. But I will say that it has helped for me to teach my children how to help me when they can, which makes room for new skills and quality time together as well. It also shortens my workload overall which creates even more family and free time. As for my Husband, he has been working primarily remotely since the Pandemic so that makes for much extra time together (even while working) and less travel time for him. We schedule date nights and family nights, as well as Mommy and Daddy/Daughter days. It’s been working so far, and it helps that my family understands the journey I’m on and the goals I have. When you first begin your career, what impact did you intend to make? I honestly wasn’t sure about the impact I would make. I started my PR career similar to my initial entrepreneurial career; for survival. I had just moved to Georgia and had by default left all my clientele behind. That was my main money source so I knew that I had to start something quick, and the hair market in Atlanta just isn’t the same as back home in Philly. How has the pandemic shaped your life personally and professionally? The Pandemic brought me mixed experiences. For my personal life it caused a major strain, as it ignited the first-time disconnect between myself and my oldest daughter. She had a hard time accepting the harsh realities of quarantining as a teenager, and it has ended up in an uphill battle that I am praying for solutions to daily. — The pandemic has changed the way our household spends time; we do more together at random and are more creative with activities because of Covid precautions outside. As for business, the Pandemic has been a blessing. More people are realizing the power of ownership over their lives and careers, through effects of cities shutting down for so long. — It has brought more inquiries and clients my way, and I’ve been able to expand my team and help more women excel at their dreams. What is the best advice you ever received? From my Mommom: “Never wear your shit on your shoulders.” — Life gets tough and everyone deals with “mess”, but women of class and substance will repurpose that energy and unravel those layers gracefully. They will make it work for their good. And they will make it look good while they do it. What do you think are some of the best qualities that make you an outstanding businesswoman? Why thank you!!!! — I’d have to say my “NO EXCUSES” mentality. Coming where I’m from and seeing some of the things I’ve seen happen around me; overcoming things that have happened to me, and considering all that I’ve had to strategize through over the years… I’m very much NOT likely to accept or give power to excuses. I’m about solutions. — I never spend enough time on the problem in anything to get or stay down and out about it. I’m too busy focused on the next move being my best move, and that quality always keeps me moving no matter what. What do you like to do in your spare time? Does spare time exist in your world? Ha!!! I would have to say if I have any spare time, I like to just laugh with my husband and my kids. I like to just be, and not have to be responsible or on-duty. I like to listen to and watch our family, and just think about how unique and interesting we all are. I like to wonder what they’ll be like when they grow up and what we’d be like as seniors/rocks of our family. I like to do simple things that don’t require much, outside of nature and space. I ALSO ABSOLUTELY LOVE LISTENING TO MUSIC. I’m an 80’s 90’s R&B and HipHop kinda woman! The thing is that those moments are SUPER rare right now… but I’m grateful because that is the kind of circumstance required of this position I’m currently in. We have to be “willing to work like most won’t now, so we can live like most can’t later.” — unknown. Who are some people who inspired you to be the woman that you are today? My Mother, My Grandmothers, My Grandfather, My Children, My Husband, My Best Friend, My Team, My supporters… and if you’re looking for other entrepreneurs and colleagues, I’d have to say Ayesha Curry, Kendra Hall, JLO, Britney Sherrell, her twin Bianca and their foster care system experiences, Ava Duvernay, Natalie Watson of Fifteen Years Fourteen Chapters, The SIBEXPO, Milano Di Rouge, Terri Matthews, Yvette of LifeHer Podcast, Toni Morrison and Beyoncé (for some things), just to name a few. Most importantly GOD inspires me because of the way he loves ALL HIS children. The grace we are granted through his love and the privilege to be used for his honor is inspiring and keeps me in shape! As I get older and wiser, it has become more and more difficult to betray God order, even when I’m tempted to. That alone is inspiring to me. What do you want your legacy to look like? I really just want to breed and raise a family of strong and humane values that are rooted in LOVE and in God's order. I want to create a consistent generational wealth + education pipeline, and I want to be known for helping others fill the missing areas in their lives. — I would like for my legacy to stand for hard work and honest blessings as a testimony for God’s existence and for his word. I want to be known for creating space and opportunities for HOPE, Change, and Progress within the culture of humanity and within womanhood, especially. How can our readers keep up to date with all you have going on?

Please visit and @mrsbrittmiller on Instagram. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I’m excited to share my client’s stories with you as well!

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