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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine is proud to present something very unique, a new and truly moving novel that will be published in sequential installments. Find the second part of this extraordinary story in our next issue

A novel by Delia Noble

Editor R. A. Stermer


I will let my heart speak and tell my story. I was born to be a survivor, strong and fearless. I did not have a chance to show vulnerability; in my mind I was this ferocious creature.

We were a pack of wild dogs, six of us, and I was the oldest. My mom worked all day and it was hard to see her go to work. I did everything that she commanded. She was my General, a strong woman with a very serious look on her face. I do not remember ever seeing her smile. I would sometimes hear her cry at night, but I was not able to go and hold her, I wish I could have done that. I just knew that she was going through so much pain and I did not want her to know that I saw her crying. I thought she might feel vulnerable or, worse, that I might be discovered by this fearsome giant and it would turn its gaze upon me.