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Inspired - Behind the Scenes at Heart of Hollywood Magazine Cover Photoshoot with Cover Model Marc Leon Coudriet II, for the Feb-March 2023 issue.

By Donna Wilson

I’ve always enjoyed being invisible, so my first behind the scenes cover shoot was a perfect way to experience something new and learn new skills.

There was a lot going on all day. I was not sure which way to look or what types of images to capture. Always looking for some candid moments and shots that document the day. It was so much fun just people watching - catching a reaction, whether laughter or just seeing them working really hard, focusing intently, or lost in thought. Trying to stay aware of my surroundings and not get in the way of others or their shots made it an interesting day. It also forced me to find different ways to capture shots – high, low, in between, over the shoulder, whatever angle would give me something to shoot at. It also let me get in a lot of exercise, or at least get in a lot of squats.

Watching other people work is the best way to learn and be inspired - trying to see their vision and how they achieve it helped me to see how to execute and direct. It also showed me the importance of having a team. Having a group of people and building a community where everyone present is there to support and work towards the same goal, the goal of creating “the best”.

Being present on someone else’s set and gaining an insight into how they work is the best training and education you can get. It turned out that behind-the-scenes does not make you invisible because you are still part of the team. Learning the value of new ways of working is making me change some of my processes. The biggest change will be to shoot tethered, especially when working with a team. Thank you, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine for making me part of your team and letting me into your community.

I was surprised at the shots I got and look forward to doing more behind-the-scenes work.

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Photo Credit: Donna Wilson

Cover Model Marc Coudriet posing for the camera

Photo Credit: Donna Wilson

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Founder Giovanna Salas and Sandy Rodriguez Magazine Editor posing for the camera.

Photo Credit: Donna Wilson

Photo Credit: Donna Wilson

Giovanna Salas giving discussing the makeup look with makeup artist Ani Rodriguez

Photo Credit: Donna Wilson

Photo Credit: Donna Wilson

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Cover Model setting her phone to go live on social media and photographer Hugo Arvisu Observing.

Portrait of Photographer Donna Wilson

Photo Gallery by Donna Wilson

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Donna, you are an amazing photographer!

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